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Lunchtime Breakthroughs

I remember the nerves terror and excitement when I made my first live video from my works van back in 2017, I had struck up an accountability agreement with an online coach who was a fellow member of a special group of internet marketers called Society 11.

Would you like to see that first live Rick Van Video?

Unfortunately, I let the Domain name that I mentioned at the end of the video expire 🙁 *Lesson learned!

I made quite a few more but not regularly, I stopped for no apparent reason about a month or so later and thought nothing else of it.

Recently though, I have started to record from my works van again and I found that it gives me a sense of self-accountability. Yes, I record them for myself and even though I talk as though someone else is watching them, I don’t expect them to be watched by anyone in particular and I usually have them unlisted anyway.

These videos are mostly recorded while on my lunch break while out on the road doing my day job. In the videos, I talk about my online ventures about making money online and my latest projects as well as some past experiences with products, methods and so-called gurus.

How about watching a Rick Van Video that I recorded almost 7 years on to see the extra chins that I’ve gained and how relaxed I’ve become in front of the camera?

Spilling The Beans

Now because 80% of these videos reveal content that I’d only share with a family member or a very close friend(of which I have very few), I appreciate that there will be marketers who would benefit from watching them if they can stand my sense of humour, sporadic storytelling and Mancunian accent?

I have decided to give you the option to gain access to them for the price of a posh coffee HERE.

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