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The 100K Alliance Case Study| Man Flu Jan 2024

Rick Elwood here, feeling a lot better than I was the other day in my van. If you’ve watched the Rick van video recorded, I think it was on the 9th of Jan 2024, I could hardly talk, and I wasn’t going to work the next day.

So I’ve been recovering from, what is probably COVID-19, I didn’t do the test but it’s certainly COVID-19 or the Man flu, I like to call it Man flu because that’s what the ladies tend to say that it is.

After all, we’re not fit to go to work.

So I couldn’t go to work the next day and I noticed that I had two appointments which included funnily enough, notes in the appointment settings that they were elderly people and I’m so glad they didn’t go to because the last thing I want to do is give them my germs and potentially put them at risk! I’m still not 100%.

Right okay to get on to 100k Alliance.

What I’ve done today is put on a post about how I think, well I know it will help anybody who is, let’s call it a little bit brassic, a little bit skint, maybe hasn’t got the funds to get into the 100k Alliance at the price that it is, or the entry-level that it is, even though it is I think an absolute snip, well I joined at $495 I believe and they are looking at putting it up.

I know there is always scarcity there but it is fast becoming something of a need to be in, or need to get to be in membership. I call it membership even though it is a one-off payment isn’t it but it is going to become a high ticket membership.

So inside the alliance, the 100k alliance, you will have the opportunity to resell or become an affiliate of the vendors in there, Fergal, Trevor and Max.

So I’ve already purchased Fergal’s 7-day challenge.

I purchased that probably around about a year ago. It’s something you can do. I think it’s something anyone can do, but what we have to do is we have to look at ourselves, me included, because I mean I go off on a tangent, I will go and as soon as that next challenge comes in or bright shiny offer, bright shiny object or whatever you want to call it, bullshit offer, BSO stands for so many different things in my book and Fergal’s 7-day challenge is not a BSO, it is not a BSO, but what you have to do and you might have noticed this on my post by putting the fact that you need to do it, you need to do it, I hate that saying you need to take action, but if you do it, it will give you the results that you’re looking for.

I’ll hold my hands up, I didn’t do it, but I’m fortunate enough to have the funds to get inside, I mean that only became available through a Christmas bonus from work. But the last thing, I mean if I was on my arse, proper on my arse now, Fergal’s seven-day challenge would be something that I’m confident, 100% confident that I could do.

And you’ve got to be laser-focused.

I’m not the perfect person to follow as far as using my techniques on a day-to-day basis because I’m, excuse my French, but I’m fucking all over the place. All over the place.

But I do a lot of stuff. But I’ve got to the stage where I’m doing stuff. I’m not sort of dreaming. I won’t plan. I don’t know how the saying goes.

Fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Yeah, I’m not into bumper sticker sayings. I am not.

It winds me right up. I’ll get there in the end.

If you’re listening to this, then that proves I’m getting there because I’ve done lots of things and lots of things that don’t work, but I do a few things that do work and one of them is this and you’re listening to it now, but if you are the sort of person that can follow steps and follow through and dare I say take action and do this thing for seven days, you will make money.

If you do it, I think I put on there seven to ten days, so it would be more like me to do it, if I could do it for ten days and you do what Fergal teaches you, in ten days you will have the funds to invest that then into the 100k alliance. You will do that, it is possible, totally possible, but you cannot falter and do what I do and go right oh that looks good, that looks good or whatever.

But I have said that I am going to focus on 100k alliance and I am doing it through the website, through this blog or whatever you want to call it, where I am reviewing or creating a case study and it is going to be there for everyone to see if I am not making money then I am not somebody you should be following, ok.

I am confident that I will make money and my end goal is to be able to walk into my job on my 60th birthday and hand my notice in. And if it is not to hand my notice in on that day, then that is the longest I want to be there. I want to be able to give my notice a week before. I can’t believe I don’t have to give more than a week’s notice, I’m going to be doing internet marketing full-time by the end of September 2024.

So what I’m also going to do is I’m going to give a link to something that won’t cost you any money, it’s something that does help me, I do go back to it regularly but I’m just, I think I’m unusual as in yes I’m a procrastinator but I’m a prolific procrastinator and I remember the conversation I was in S11 which is an internet marketers insiders membership group, it’s still going today and I’ll probably put a link to that as well, some of the best people you can become friends with online, there are not many Facebook groups these days that I return to but I’ve been in this group for well pretty much almost since it started and we’re talking the likes of Andy Brocklehurst, Curt Crowley, I’ll try to think of a few more people that are in there that you might know of, there are some great marketers in there.

As I’m getting older my memory is awful but there are some you will know names when you go in there, Barb Ling, yeah she’s in there, I’m trying to think Mike, oh he’s on a lot of, he does a lot of testimonials for a lot of people, Mike’s in there, Mike H we call him, but you know I’m not just going to drop names, I mean I spoke to, oh Richie Nolan was a member in there, I don’t know if he’s still a member, but he has been a member in there, some of the top marketers in the UK are in there and giving some great advice, but it’s one of those places where you know what is said in there stays in there, even if you leave there are people who know the code of S11, it’s society 11, it’s respected, let’s say that.

So yeah I wanted to do an audio recording today because I look like shit, I’m not going to go on camera. Mark Hess, he’s another one, Mark Hess is another well-respected marketer, I’m a big fan of Mark Hess. I could go on but my memory’s not great, I’m sure I’m getting that you know old age stroke dementia sort of thing going on as I’m getting older.

So coming back to my 100k Alliance review blog website I am going to be doing a review very soon when I’m fit enough to do an online screen recording and take you through the whole back end of what you get when you get inside the 100k Alliance membership. I’ll be adding my bonuses if you join through my link. I’ll know if you join through my link anyway, just hit me up, and send me an email, rickellwood@gmail.com is just one of my basic emails. But I will be setting something up where I will give you some free stuff and even if you don’t join my intention is to create a resource category in the blog too.

So I just wanted to record this audio because I think it’s going to be something I’m going to be using regularly. After all, sometimes if I’m up at 4 or 5 a.m. the last thing you want to see is me sat in my dressing gown recording a video. I certainly don’t want to be shaving at 4 a.m. and stuff like that so an audio file audio recording is going to be something of the norm.

All the best, take care and remember this time next year we’ll be millionaires.

Rick Ellwood

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