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123 Domains To Liquidate

Dream Deliberator

I’ve always known that I was a dreamer, especially when it came to investing in domain names. I get a real buzz when I come up with a name I just have to go and purchase it before someone else picks it up before I do.

You get a feeling of excitement and satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment that you do not doubt in your mind that you have just secured a domain winner which will bring you more return from your initial investment.

So I ask myself almost daily, “Why aren’t I making my investment back?” Well, that is because I deliberate and procrastinate almost every minute of every day, especially on my rest days from my day job.

Opportunity Analysis

I have totted up how many domains I have in my portfolio that are spread over four registrars and though I have been trying to keep my list lean, I still have one hundred and twenty-three.

Ideally, I would prefer to work with under one hundred but I’m not too disappointed with that total. I am annoyed because I don’t make enough effort to sell them or at least get them listed on the many places where domains can be sold.

Domain Portfolio Valuation

I have fifty-one domains in my Epik account that have according to their basic valuation process a value of $2690 meaning that I have an average value of $52.45 per domain.

In Go-daddy I have sixty-eight domains valued at $11154.00 again valued via their valuation process that averages out at $168.02 per domain.

I have three more domains sitting pretty on Namecheap and Dynadot. I’ve run those through the Go-daddy Valuation tool, collectively giving them a $3610.00 value total of $1203.33 per domain.

What is interesting is that I only included in these statistics domains that have been given a valuation figure, I have not included anything for a valuation of less than $100 on Go-daddy (which is the majority of my portfolio) and the same rule goes for my Epik domain portfolio too.

Let me round the figures up again collectively;

The total value of domains with a value over $100 is $17454.00 divided by 123 domains in total, which gives an average sale value of $141.90 per domain.

Action Plan

Now that I have that average valuation figure, I can put a realistic value on the domains that are not showing up with a value or are on my Go-daddy portfolio with a $100 or less valuation.

The plan is to get each one out there on the domain marketplace and hopefully see a return on my investments. By leaving them sitting in a portfolio, I am not going to get any eyeballs on them and I will be rather pissed off with myself for not taking any action.

I will be dedicating a new category on my blog called Domainliquid8 where I will show and tell the domains that I will be choosing to let go for stupidly cheap and a lucky few will be able to take advantage and make some serious money with those domains.

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Rick Ellwood

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