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Hey, I am really excited and a little nervous to reveal that I am going to be creating my first membership club by the end of this month.

Why am I feeling a little nervous you may be asking?

Well, to tell you the truth, I have never really focused on anything like a membership before online or offline. Yes, I have actually been a member of many an online course myself and maybe followed through on a number of their teachings but, I haven’t actually run a membership myself.

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Why Now?

If you know my story or maybe have read in my bio, I have been buying IM and MMO products since May 2008 and I consider myself experienced when it comes to working out whether the product is worth investing in or giving it a wide birth.

As I happen to be in my sixtieth year and heading to turn the big 60 in September of 2024, I still hold down a day job. My whole reason for buying my first IM (internet marketing) product “Affiliate Millions” by Michael Cheney, was to quit my job as soon as possible and earn a living on the net.

Yet here I am, still having to take the busy roads to work and have the hierarchy talk to me like I am back at school and the fact that I am not getting any younger and heading towards our state pension age isn’t a status I want to arrive at borderline broke either.

What’s IM Case Study Club About?

Hopefully, most people who are in the IM and MMO (make money online) niche will already have an idea of what it would be about and what they would expect to find inside this membership anyway.

The concept of the IMCSC is that I will commit to investing my time and money into one IM/MMO product/training each week and create a case study.

At the end of each month, I will hold a live call exclusive to IMCSC members where I will reveal those case studies.

This may sound like a membership based on launch jacking, but I can assure you it isn’t. I guess I will be reviewing products based on that concept because there are bound to be info products that I’ll buy or have purchased that are based on such a method to make money online.

Review V Case Study What’s The Difference?

A review of what I have experienced is someone’s opinion of what they have read, seen or heard about a product or service. The aforementioned “Launch Jacking” method is a very popular way to gain potential buyers of the product by either just recording a video that repeats what is already on the product sales page or at best they will buy the product and show and tell what is inside the product.

What a launch jacker will NOT do in 99 out of 100 cases, is follow up with an actual review of how things worked out for them by using the product for any decent length of time. If they did follow through and document everything that they had done and showed their results, then that can be called a case study.

coming soon

I hope you will join me, it’s going to be a blast and it will definitely be entertaining my goal is to help you make money or save money by avoiding those products that are a complete waste of time. Until then, i wish you all the very best and I’ll be back soon with an update.



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