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The Bogey Is Back

Yesterday I saw a kid trying out his brand new Hoverboard Extention that he got for Easter. It was really cool watching him zipping up and down our road and it brought back some good old memories of when I was a young boy.

We had to build our own go-karts from bits o timber or if we were fortunate enough, have our Dads make one for us. We used old pram wheels and the only place to try them out was usually on a steep hill. If we were lucky enough to live near a hill, these karts or “Bogeys” as we called them back then, were not powered by anything but your mates pushing power.

I remember there was a couple of brothers that had a bogey made by their Dad, it was really fast but heavy as it had chunky small but solid tyres that seemed to glide silently and smoothly along the cracks of the pavement, making a train on a track-type sound. We were all jealous of that kart coming out each year to put our calamity contraptions to shame. Still, it was a great time to be a kid.


After seeing this young lad enjoying his new toy, I rushed back home to find any domains that I could to flip or maybe build a website out about them. Unfortunately, all the TLD’s had been snapped up, however, I managed to corner the UK market with two belting domains (in m opinion anyway) which are in the image below.

eKarts Domains

What to do..what to do?

I’m in two minds about what I should do with these domains? I mean, should I put the long term effort in and create a niche website, or, do I just list them for sale on sites such as Flippa and Afternic?



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