Domain Cash Code

Domain Cash Code

7 Easy Steps To Flip Any Domain On Earth

Quite a big claim right?

Well let’s be honest here, a domain name is online so maybe I overcooked that sub-headline a little lol. But what I have for you is a formula that I have found to be so easy to remember that I asked my goldfish to remind me what the Domain Cash Code was only the other morning and good ol’ Goldie gave it to me 😉

I’d prove it on camera but unfortunately ‘E.R.’ my cat ate him while I was making a nice morning cuppa!

I named him E.R. because that’s all I ever said to him. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out too good for him either because he got run down chasing a hedgehog across the road only yesterday…

The Basic Domain Cash Code Formula

  • Affiliate offers are essential if you want any chance of your domain to earn you an income or an ROI or at least on your initial domain investment.
  • Blogs that mention, cover or even better evolve around your domain’s niche would be of great help and may become a source of information and inspiration to take and give back from in the form of link and authority building.
  • Content is king when it comes to a Blog or a Vlog. The second step above will have given you a head start in this step.
  • Domain-estimated valuations can be more valuable than the domain you are working on selling for a profit or maybe to break even. For those prospects that are not in the World of domaining, all these things we see on a regular basis are exciting to them so use them.
  • Eccomerce or an Etsy website may be something that your domain can be built with. If you are not with the technicalities of building this type of site then either outsource it or just suggest it in your sales pitch.
  • Flippa is one of the obvious options for selling your domain and if it ain’t on that site how the heck will it get in front of prospective buyers’ eyes?
  • Google dare I say it” is your friend” there I said it, just type in your domain without the TLD (.com,.net,.org) and see what comes up. These usually will open up a number of opportunities that you can get to work on.

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