Productize To Monetize

Create And Become

Creators CREATE.

I’d like to say that right off the bat.

If you’re a Creator, you do what Creators do. They CREATE!

But here’s the thing. There’s no monetization without productization!


I believe in it 100%.

It is THE way.

Now, along with that, I believe the money is in the list. Always has been and always will be. But to make money or monetize your list, you need to sell something to someone!

You CAN sell affiliate products.

But you only get roughly half the money. And the vendor then owns your customer and doesn’t pay on repeat sales. So I believe strongly in creating your OWN products.

There are some myths about this that hold people back:

Myth 1: You have to SLAVE over your product creation to have the right to sell.

There are people who say this.

ALL your effort should go into “the product,” no marketing. And somehow marketing is only done if your product is inadequate.

That’s just not true.

How many people do you know with SUPERIOR products who are starving or making only a trickle of money from their vastly superior product?

You probably know more than one.


The best mousetrap does NOT always win.

It’s just like sports teams. The best sports team doesn’t always win. Superior teams lose to inferior teams all the time.

Whether you like the New England Patriots (American football team) or not, they’re living proof the best team doesn’t always win.

I believe in putting your PASSION, your HEART, and your BELIEFS into your products.

They need to be a reflection of that.

But that’s entirely different from being perfect.

Lots of perfect products have NO SOUL or PASSION in them. But my goodness, the construction is perfect. Not a typo in the whole thing.

I believe in rolling out products and launches FAST.

That’s how I roll. I have no desire to spend six months preparing for a launch that may crush or bomb.

Myth #2: You don’t have the “right” to be a Creator or sell your value to others unless you’ve spent 10,000 or more hours perfecting whatever it is.

Think about it.

People are elected President of the U.S. who have NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE!

Yet you say that to produce a book or product you need 10,000 hours?

Let’s go back to first grade.

And let’s say you were really good at the math pie. Remember the math pie you learned fractions from? I do. What a freaking nightmare.

Now, what if someone like me who SUCKED at the math pie wanted to buy your lunch or give you something for you to teach me the math pie.

Because you didn’t have 10,000 hours learning the math pie and teaching it, does that mean you’d be immoral or somehow inadequate for doing it?


Absolutely not.

Much of the yelling and griping about “proper credentials” is an effort by those with them to eliminate or whittle down competition. FACT!

I’m NOT advocating bad products.

I AM advocating that a lot of the rules about what gives you the “right” to teach something are total and complete fabrications by someone with a vested interest in whittling down the competition.


Myth #3: No one will pay you for products on XYZ topic

If you LOVE a topic, if you’re PASSIONATE about it, I believe the chances or probabilities are people WILL PAY.

For one thing, it’s hard to find people really passionate about a topic that produces love-infused and passion-infused products.

For another, in my product Bizarre Niches, I document thousands and thousands of people making money from some of the most obscure topics in the world. 

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