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If you have gotten to know me at all, you’ll know how much of a procrastinator I am recently I rejoined Leadsleap Pro after having to revert to the free version because of erm….erm being skint tbh.

Anyhoo, being a paid member as you may know allows you to use what I believe to be one of the membership’s best tools ” Post Pro Ads”. I’ll admit that even though the process is easy, it’s still a learning curve to set it up the first time around and once you’ve done it a few times it then becomes easy.

What prompted me to take some action and use the Leadsleap Pro Ads tool was an email from the owner Kenneth. His emails are pretty much dropping in my inbox on a daily basis, however, they are not trying to sell me anything other than what’s going on in Leadsleap.

Kenneth obviously looks out for his members and cares about them too, I had upgraded to the paid membership status of Pro for over a month and had yet to utilize any of the tools. I think the email that kicked my butt from him was maybe the fourth reminder that I’d received informing me that I hadn’t set up any Pro-Ads yet and that he was there to help.

Action Taken

I knew I was wasting my monthly subscription by doing nothing and that no action equals no results which leads to either me cancelling my membership and/or another waste of my money.

Oddly enough, earlier that morning I’d had a barrage of emails promoting something that was promoting method that would have most newbies chomping at the bit to pick it up. It turned out to be a product that I had purchased just over a year ago called Free Loophole Profits by Will Allen, I had upgraded at the time to his 6 Figure Circle Club and was automatically guaranteed to get approved to promote most of his products including Free Loophole Profits.

I found my approved affiliate link and commission rates were amazing because I was able to get 100% for everything in the funnel and I was excited to get it all set up as quickly as I could. So I headed over to Warrior+ to get my link.

Here is the affiliate approval for the original product that I purchased in 2022

100 Percent

Bad News And Dead Links

I pick up my link and made sure it sent me to the Free Loophole Profits sales page, Oh..Noooo! It wasn’t working, I tried it again at least three or four times thinking I’d get a different result. It was obvious to me that either it was broken or because I was no longer a paying member of the 6 Figure Circle Club.

I thought it best to contact the vendor Will Allen and I felt I certainly had the right to, I mean, I had purchased at least 15 to 20 of his products over the years.

Will replied to my email later that day explaining that his site had been hacked and he’d created another on a different domain. He gave me another link to apply again and approved me again.

The bad news was that I was on fifty per cent commissions instead of one hundred per cent! Now, I’m assuming that the reason is that I am no longer a paying member of his 6 Figure Circle Club and I can handle that with no problem.

Commissions now fifty percent

I Create A Graffic For The Link

Before I can load up a Leadsleap Pro Ad, I need to create an eye-catching graphic for it. I have used a logo creator and graphic software that I’ve used for years. I know that Canva is good, but, when you’re used to something you can quickly get the job done and get the message across just as well.

Here is the graphic I created in about ten minutes;

Loophole Profits

Writing The Copy

Probably one of the hardest things about getting someone in Leadsleap to click on your ad was being able to get a good copy title in less than 25 characters and great Ad Text in less than 60 characters. This is what I came up with;

The finished Ad

You can see that I was aiming for someone like myself, someone who is regularly on his/her arse every now and again and let’s face it it is more often than not.

Note the date that this went live 12th May 2023. Here is what landed in my email account in less than two days!

You have made a sale

Hey, I know it’s a small amount, but it’s a sale and a great result and shows that Leadsleap works!

If you are not a member of Leadsleap yet and you’d like me to be your sponsor, just click the button below or on any of my Leadsleap banners on my blog.


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