Taking A Break

Two Weeks Doing Nothing

It’s finally arrived, our annual holiday in the sun with the intention of doing nothing starts tomorrow.

What makes me feel disappointed though, is the fact that I said to my better half almost thirteen months ago when I booked it”I’m going to get fit for next years holiday”. Did it happen? What do you think?…Correct!

What is it that makes us so lazy or procrastinate so much that it stops us gaining the results that we initially crave? I’m sure there is some Guru out there that can put their finger on what it is in seconds and I can bet you it’s something we really don’t want to hear from them too.

We all know our own faults and having someone else back them up with their extra comments doesn’t help in my opinion. I believe we can only learn from our own mistakes and move forward by checking our situation out for ourselves every now and again.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had some good advice and guidance from people over the years and to be honest, I have taken some of it onboard.

Will I Be Doing Nothing For Two Weeks?

When I look back at some of my previous holidays, they are usually filled with thoughts and memories that bring a smile to my face. They also remind me that I am very predictable in my behavior, maybe we all are?

As much as I like to relax on holiday, I also have my head engrossed in a book of some kind that will hopefully enlighten my future or at least entertain me in some way. This year I have three books to take with me but I’m going to have to return one of them, haha, I’ll tell you why in a minute.

The first week of my holiday I will be reading “The Power Of Habit” by Charles Duhigg, its hopefully going to help me understand why I don’t get shit done etc and with a bit of luck it may get me motivated enough to get out of some bad habits that are preventing me from moving forward.

The second week I have another book that I thought would be a great follow-up to my first read, I can’t wait to read it as it’s title resonates with me very well 😉

The book is called “f*ck it, Do What You Love” by John C.Parkin. I purchased that one with a Waterstones gift voucher from my Mother in law, obviously, when she asked what book I had bought, I told her it was the first book.

Oh yes, the third book was “Glengarry Glen Ross” by David Mamet. Being a Salesman by profession, it’s one of my favorite films. I’m gutted that I’m having to return it, you see, when it arrived and I skimmed through the pages, I noticed it wasn’t in English, I’d gone and ordered the bloody thing written in italian,,,,Ah for-ged- da-bow’d-it!

I’ll see you in 2 weeks time and until then stay focused


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