Why Start A New Blog Rick?

The last twelve months have been a bit of a roller coaster in many ways, I’ve had some success in gaining some recognition in the IM (internet marketing) arena as well as finding some form of focus in my internet marketing endeavours.

As much as I like the thought of other marketers knowing who I am, it was never my goal to attain it. I have always wanted what everyone wants in this game….successful outcomes that produce profit and or a recurring income from our efforts.

Yes, I want to be an established internet marketer and yes I want to produce products that emulate my success to others so they too can become more successful.

What Was Wrong With Your Old Blog?

I did spend a fair bit of time creating my blog I admit that, but, I felt that it was a little confusing as to what content was on there and what I was all about.

Up and until I joined IMS11 I was indeed just like 99% of other marketers out there just buying stuff learning but not earning. Inside that invite, only group, I, like everybody else had the opportunity to work with a coach, who was offering to keep himself and whoever else wanted to work with him, to be accountable to each other.

That was the point when my internet lifestyle changed for good, but I still needed to get focus on what my line of IM would be. I’d tried all sorts of MMO (make money online) systems and I also avoided some like the plague.

So What Is Going To Be Different About This Blog?

What I won’t be doing is putting every video I record on here that’s for sure, basically because I already have a Youtube channel so, to me, it makes sense to use it and leave all my videos over there, right?

This doesn’t mean I won’t be uploading videos on here though either, I will be recording videos that maybe are more of an instructional type rather than a rant or two? I really don’t know, to be honest.

The type of content on this blog that I want to get focused on, will be based on my business model of Domain and Website Flipping along with my IM product creations.

Domain And Website Flipping

Ever since day one in my quest to make money online, I have always had a thing about buying and selling domains. I have invested in courses on buying and selling websites as well as similar courses on domain flipping.

Getting serious and starting a business in this niche is what I will be focusing on. I intend to utilize my blog to give others some insight into my venture without too much of a business feel to it because let’s face it, if you know anything about me at all, I ain’t no businessman typo!

I like to have a laugh and a joke and I wear my heart on my sleeve too!

My IM Product Creations

Creating my own IM products is another way of bringing in income, I have always wanted to bring my ideas to completion and see if they can make money both for me and the buyer.

Sometimes I think of a new product almost on a daily basis, however, I never seem to get them into their first stage of production! That old devil “Procrastination ” takes over and it’s put back on the shelf until another day again.


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