I Admitted Defeat But I Get Up Again

As a few people may have guessed already, I hit a bit of a wall when it came to keeping up with my “A Domain A Day Challenge”, the idea was to at least do something with one of my domains every day for 100 days. What! Might you say? Yes..¬†I have over 150 domains and I need two things, one is to get them sold or use them and the other is a kick up the jacksy ūüėČ

The Show Must Go On With A Domain A Day

There were a number of reasons as to why I felt I couldn’t keep up with the challenge and I’m not going to make any excuses for it either, but like anything, if I fail at it once or any number of times, if I feel it’s worth pursuing then I will have another go at it and learn from any faults or mistakes I’ve made. I may suffer from procrastination but I do have a persistent streak in me too. I’m still eager and determined to make an effort to either sell these domains that I have or put them to work for me in another way and I will be revealing how and what those methods are as often as I can. I will endeavor to do something every day with a domain but I may have days or weeks where not a lot is getting done. However, each domain will continue to be numbered so those folks who would like to follow along can do so in that manner.

The Challenge Is No Longer On The Label

Its Not A Challenge, Its A Given
Every Domain I own will have its day, I will show you what I have in mind for each one and hopefully, you will pick up some tips and tricks.
Having so many domains is not unusual if you are a budding internet¬†marketer who has many an idea for products or someone who see’s an opportunity¬†and heads straight for the domain registration search bar to see if the name has been taken. It is a habit¬†that is hard to give up but if you are not seeing any return on your investment, then what is the point? Especially if you are short on funds from time to time and you look at your domain bank and realize you have hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of domains sat there doing nothing but gathering¬†cyber dust.

Update Over….Roger That?

If you are reading this I want to thank you for doing so, I really appreciate you taking your time out of your day and as a little teaser just for you, I will let you in on a secret, I have been working on a few little projects that I will reveal real soon and that I intend to follow this post up with Domain number 10, which is quite ironic because I had my tenth anniversary in IM on the 11th May too. Thanks again, stay focused, Rick Ellwood  


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