Have You Ever Done This?

After a long day at work, you come home and your dinner is in the microwave and your beer is in the fridge. Which do you go for first? Don’t answer that because it’s been one of those day’s… you know the type of day that has you wondering if you are actually on planet earth, one of those days when you have been dealing with complete Muppets from the planet Zorg who happened to have called half way and picked up some brain juice from Mace superstores on the planet Uranus! So you drank all but one of your six pack and thought you’d take in some intellectual IM (Internet Marketing) feel good lesson that will have you reaping the rewards of this latest stint you are enduring by giving you a $100 a day by the morning! But you just dropped off to sleep watching and LEARNING all that crap! Yeah… You must have just dropped the fook off to sleep! Because of a ZAP and SLAP across the back of your head just hit’s ya with the reality that ya “better half” who has just aligned a verbal dosage that makes horrible sense has you realizing… You ain’t eaten, You ain’t got a scooby where you are when you woke up? And you certainly ain’t $100 better off DUDE!!!

For Fux Sake Just Stop And Give It Up!

You feel like a loser, a failure and a fool who was just trying to make a better life for … well, for everyone, not just for you. You want to prove them all wrong about making a living online. How many times have you seen those individuals finally crack the code to make a shed load of money by discovering a method that even their Grandma could replicate? Oh Yeah, well I think I’m gonna be as old as your Grandma by the time I make shit online!!!

But You Just Keep Going… Right?

Yes…. you just keep going, never give up… that’s my motto and I’m sticking to it! I know that sooner or later, it’s payback time and I’m the one who’s going to be a smilin 😉 It may take others a lot less time to achieve even the smallest of victories in this IM space, but the rewards will far outweigh the hardship, effort, sacrifice and dare I say investment that I have put into this shit!

Persistence Will Deliver

You tell yourself that it will happen eventually….. Well, I’m afraid you’ve got to people! Otherwise who else is? If you have the support of your family? You will reach the goal eventually and without a doubt quicker.It’s a big advantage that you’ve got that kind of relationship with your significant other. Meanwhile, you better either finish that last beer or get the place tidy and freshen up so that you can get a good nights sleep for a change. Did I Press That Button? Well, if you are reading this? Then I did press it, didn’t I? Keep at it, future IM Millionaire
Never Stop Believing
No…. never
Ping!! Another BSO Drops Into Inbox
10 to 1 says you will really like this… That was the subject line…..Guess what time it was??? Must it be a sign?…..Yeah rrrright…. F+”@ Off! This takes work folk’s Until next time, Stay focused and enjoy your life and kick procrastination in the nuts! Rick Ellwood


Hi, Yes, it's me "Rick Ellwood" the internet marketing guy from Manchester in England UK! This is my all in one website, by that I mean it contains everything from what I blog about, some of which may be complete nonsense to some at one end of the spectrum, right through to reviewing and offering products and services to fellow internet marketers at the other end. Having been in the internet marketing space since 2008, I also offer my internet marketing services for business people who have recognized that they must have an online presence to grow and survive in this ever-changing world. I like to finish by saying thanks for dropping by and please get in touch with me if you need any help, I'm here for you. Stay Focused & Enjoy Life! Rick Ellwood

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