What The IM Gurus Won’t Tell You About Being A Local IM Expert


What makes me laugh when I see a new offline IM product come out onto the market, is that everyone and his dog usually jumps on the bandwagon to promote the fact that it is going to make the kind of money that will have you taking a vacation once a month!
It really pisses me off because usually, the real truth of the matter is that it can take a long time to get to that income level. Why? Because you need to build a friendship with your offline client and usually they want more than what you are offering on the table and that can have you working your arse off, just to keep them happy!

Don’t Get Into Local IM

If you want an easy life then I wouldn’t recommend getting into offline marketing, it really isn’t for everyone. Yes, you can earn good money, but believe me when I tell you that you will earn every penny. The internet marketers who have actually practice what they are preaching for example (Have got offline clients that are active), usually will not tell you that they would rather stick glass in their eyes than take another client on.

Business Owners BMW

IM guru Michael Cheney would call the average local client a BMW (Bitching, Moaning, Wingers). Yes, the truth is out! Sorry if that has burst any bubbles, but the fact is that the majority of your clients will want much more than you can give them for whatever they agree to pay you.Will you have chosen lead magnet to show them that has the prospect eager enough to listen to you? What is the number one reason for these offline prospects are likely to sign up with you or take you up on your offer?

Fast Start In Traffic

They want quick results, they may already have a site and they want it to bring in more inquiries. They may have no online presence other than through a free listing on a directory site like Yell. Whatever you are putting in front of their noses, it is usually something that they don’t fully understand because if they did then why would they need you right?
So they take you up on your offer and everyone is happy…at first anyway!

But Slow To Cough Up

So you provide your lead magnet and all is well until the client ask’s you if you do some other form of services such as a Facebook or other social marketing service? Now I am no Social marketing genius and because of that, I would be telling porkies if I had turned to my client and said yes.Some marketing guru would tell you to accept their offer and price it accordingly ( Which is never enough in my experience) and just outsource the work that is not in your comfort zone.
Now if you happen to be just starting out, let me tell you that outsourcing in itself can be a minefield.This can be a route to take but beware it can also be a route to a disaster that has your client hanging on their money.

Money To You
Having a pre-payment system set up can be a way that you can at least take some of the pressure off, if your client suddenly turns into Gordon Ramsay then you can always turn around and tell him nicely to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine…Arsehole!!!
However, you just might fall lucky with your service provider and if you do my advice would be to treat them well and look after them. The secret is this, if you have a good team behind you, it will make you feel so much more confident and so much more relaxed which usually results in more work and more clients and we all know what that leads to…..? More Money


In The End

So I hope this hasn’t put you off getting into offline marketing? If it has then I may have done you a big favor in helping you keep to your online efforts that may be in areas to focus on like affiliate marketing or writing books for Kindle publishing etc

If you can put up with the negative comments from a buyer, then you, my friend, can become fairly busy and comfortably well off earning a great living from the offline world.

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