My Audacious Goal For 2018

This is my tenth year playing around at this internet marketing thing, ten years for frig’s sake! But I still hold down a fulltime job five days a week because what I make as an internet marketer wouldn’t pay my broadband bill. You never hear anyone who has made a decent regular income within the IM (internet marketing) niche admit that they like their previous day job and maybe that has been holding me back. I do actually like my day job and it pays OK but it could pay more ūüėČ But it doesn’t stop the boss getting on your case now and then and it doesn’t allow you the freedom to call the shots when it comes to taking holidays when you want them or working when you want to. I have worked for myself before when I had my own business designing and installing kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, however, you are still at the beck and call of the customers and at the mercy of your installers and to be honest it almost killed me off…for real! But I think being a fulltime internet marketer and especially a product creator, you have more scope to control your work and your life and your income and more importantly your future. That’s why I’m going all out to make this happen this year. My major goal for 2018 is to replace my income plus give myself a rise of at least ¬£2018 by December 30th,2018. As of writing this post that gives me a little over 11 months or just shy of 350 days. I decided to challenge myself a few days ago when I was watching¬† a live¬†Facebook video by the guy who got me to changed my mindset early last year, Richie Nolan, You can download a copy of the case study I put together on this¬†blog (it should be on the right entitled “My IM Turnaround Report” all you have to do is sign up to my email list;-) Hey you can always unsubscribe ..right?

Why Set Such A Big Goal?

So why such a big hairy audacious goal? Well, I believe I am talented enough and have invested enough time and money to make this thing work! Evan if I never purchase another MMO product (Make Money Online)ever again, I have all the information, I have the tools and so-called¬†methods to earn a living on the net. The only thing I haven’t done is focus long enough to really make something work. Now don’t get me wrong I have followed through on a number of products that I believed would produce an income for me, one, in particular, was working with offline clients by way of creating videos for them and getting them raked for their services and creating websites if they hadn’t already got one. My issue became one that I had experienced before in my previous business and that was trying to achieve customer satisfaction. If there is something I hate, it’s very fussy¬†customers who want something for nothing and in a timeframe that is totally unreasonable. I could go on but I will spare you the sermon, let’s just say I’ve had my fill of demanding and unreasonable customers in my time and I know they are not going to play a part in my future. So my WHY is based on what I have invested in over the last decade and what I have learned about affiliate marketing and product creation. I am gathering all those products that I have invested in and create my own spin on the ones that have been proven to work, it is time to become a seller and stop being a buyer once and for all.

Switch From A Buyer To A Seller

Talk is cheap and it’s easy for us to say we will change our ways, but if you can switch from being a buyer of IM products to becoming a seller, then it shouldn’t take long for the money to start returning to your Paypal account. Granted it’s going to take a very long time to recoup all of the money that I have invested or thrown away on IM stuff, but if there is one thing I have got on my side now it is the understanding the knowledge that just buying stuff just doesn’t get you the results I’m looking for. What will get me the results? What I’m setting myself up to do is knuckling down on a product after product with my own buy buttons on them on a month by month basis. Ideally, I’d like to get to a stage where I can crank out a product a week but given the time I have to put into this, it’s a tuff call.

Step By Step One Day At A Time…FOCUS

JFDI…Just F#*kin Do It! is the mantra I’ve got to stick to. I will put all post related to this challenge under its own category of JFDI so you can come take a look at how I’m getting along with it. I’m sure there will be the odd incentive in there now and again and I am positive you will get something from the post that I enter here too. I want to get this thing documented because I believe should I achieve any results worth noting its going to surpass anything that I have done online before and my guess is people are going to want to find out how I did it! I know I’d want to buy it. Remember, stay focused and enjoy life and let’s kick procrastinations arse! Rick Ellwood


Hi, Yes, it's me "Rick Ellwood" the internet marketing guy from Manchester in England UK! This is my all in one website, by that I mean it contains everything from what I blog about, some of which may be complete nonsense to some at one end of the spectrum, right through to reviewing and offering products and services to fellow internet marketers at the other end. Having been in the internet marketing space since 2008, I also offer my internet marketing services for business people who have recognized that they must have an online presence to grow and survive in this ever-changing world. I like to finish by saying thanks for dropping by and please get in touch with me if you need any help, I'm here for you. Stay Focused & Enjoy Life! Rick Ellwood

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