I Got Busy Outlining My First WSO

Yes, I actually got motivated enough by Instant Profit Formula (from now on I’m calling IPF) to start on my first WSO! I’ll be honest though, it’s not the first product that I’ve created because that was my IM Turnaround report that you can download for free from my blog. It’s actually my third attempt at a product, I followed the IM Turnaround report with a product called IM-RAPS. IM-RAPS was a total failure due to the fact that my actual sales video sound like I’m about to jump off a bridge somewhere and end it all, it was an OK product about the methods used by an IM coach who many IMers know as Richie Nolan. The IM-RAPS abbreviate Internet Marketing Reflect And Project System, I wanted to just get something out there to help others get similar results if not better than I did from this brief encounter with the guy. If you are really depressed it would be dangerous to send you to the sales video but if you would like a laugh then you could go take a quick look HERE   Anyways, back to this WSO that I was inspired to get created, I have a habit of purchasing domain names for products that I want to create as well as just buying domains in general because I want to make some return on the small investment. I guess it is actually called Domaining? I wanted to get down on paper so to speak, the reasons and methods in my madness for purchasing so many domain names. I don’t think I’m on my own when it comes down to investing in domains that may have opportunities either for ourselves or to sell on to others?

All About Making Money With Domain Names

I think I spent about a day putting together the outline of the product together and created detailed slides with all the methods that I could think of that would help people sell their domains in different ways. In all, I created ten methods, yes 10 TEN! I could add more but I didn’t want to get too carried away 😉 I guess you would like to know more? Maybe I should keep it a secret and save it for the launch day? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that to someone who has taken out time to come visit my blog, NO WAY! OK here is a little taste of what my first WSO is going to reveal ;

The Ten Domain Fast Cash Methods

  1. WSO PIG
  2. WSO Piggy Back
Sorry but I just remembered this rule.

Forgive Me But I Had To Kick My Own Arse Again

One of the rules for creating a product especially if you are new to it is to find ONE problem and show people how to solve that ONE problem. In short ONE problem ONE solution! I almost let the cat out of the bag for a series of WSO’s that I can release one at a time and test the water so to speak? Once I have gathered some more experience and hopefully, have a few products and sales under my belt, then and only then can I put more than one product out there under one roof. To not follow this golden rule of one problem one solution would be a waste of my time and I would not be helping anyone by putting far too much information in front of my buyer. Why? Because it would be like many products that I have purchased in the past that initially made me feel great, in that I finally found solutions to my problem BUT I never took action on any of them because I was spoilt for choice. So all I’m asking is that you’ll come back for an update? I’m looking to have this WSO complete and up for grabs by the end of Jan 2018.   Stay focused and enjoy life, push through and kick procrastinations arse! Rick Ellwood  


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