March 2017 Goals

Goals For Setting Goals

Now that may sound a little strange to most people but I have read so many books and listened to many a CD or audio program that tell us that we need to be making goals to become successful.

I am a proliffic procrastinator and I can tell you I am great at setting goals but totally shit at following through with them. I am sure it’s a disease of somekind? But I know for a fact that I am not alone in my weakness.

However since I became a member of I have started to use some of the tools and support that is inside the members only area, to help me stay on track.

So what I wanted to do was start a fresh again abd have another go at setting goals and by way of accountability via the group, move forward and report my goals and progress and dare I say failures? Ofcourse you can follow along here at my blog too 🙂

What Are My Goals For March 2017?

I buy a lot of domain names and when I buy them I feel either excited or some kind of satisfaction that I really can’t explain.Its almost like a minni rush feeling inside of me, maybe it’s because I think that I got it first and everyone who wants or needs a great domain like that has lost out?

I buy domains for different reasons and to be honest I have never analized why. However I do have a big problem now as I have realized that as the years go by,I have over a hundred domains that are sucking the life blood out of me and my bank account!

That is why I have chosen to make it a mission to do something with my domains starting this month. Its now the 4th of March and I have already renewed two of my domains that have cost me $18 and as I say we are only 4 days into the month!

What Domains Am I Working On This Month?

  • These are the four that I am debating to either do something with or just let them go to the dumping ground of the expired domains grave yard.

Why Did I Buy These Domains? was a domain I purchased on the back of a product by none other than Michael Cheney. Michael’s products are very good and I know from first experiance that his sales methods can pull you in and get you spending more than what you had in mind.

Michael Cheney was the marketer who push me over the edge back in 2008 to buy my first internet marketing course called Affiliate Millions!

I knew that this new product of his was going to be big so I headed over to GoDaddy and found that any decent domain that related to the name of the product Commission Black Ops had been taken. I don’t give up that easily so I spun it on its head so to speak and came up with Black Ops Commissions. I was well chuffed with myself to be honest.

But here it is about to expire almost 2 years later! So should I dump it or should I turn it into a diamond of a domain?