Emails I’ve Received About The Pile On Project (Day 2 of 7)

Today I received a number of great emails from some of my favorite internet marketers who are promoting The Pile On Project.

The reason for this post is to give you an insight into what they are saying about the offer and also I wanted to invite you to go check out how awesome these guys really are too.

If you are not aware of them or their products and if you are not already a member of Society11, I also wanted to let you know that inside S11 its a place where these guy’s and many others also share their talents and knowledge with other members.

Gene Pimentel (Domaining Guru)

Whatever it is you do in your online business,
I can pretty much guarantee you’ll benefit BIG
TIME by this crazy offer.

40 Top Marketers have assembled 59 of some
of their best products into one huge deal.

This is a real $5,500.00+ value. It is NOT
some inflated number

The entire bundle of 59 products is yours for
less than the average price of ONE.

This includes a $495 software package as well
as everything below.

Video Tools
SEO Tools
Website Services
Private Label Rights
Proofreading Services
Niche Sites
Local Marketing
Link Building
Press Releases
Web Hosting
Lead Magnets

Don’t miss out on this – it’s a rare deal indeed.
You can check out just how Gene makes a cool living Here

Did You Miss My Overview Video Yesterday? Don’t Be An IM Zombie LOL And Click Here To Watch It!

Andy Brocklehurst (IM Product Guru) Emails a message that hits home!

You know the old saying?
“If it sounds too good to be true…”

“It probably is…”

You know the problem with that?

Richard Carlson put it the best…

“The old adage, ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ isn’t always correct. In fact, the suspicion, cynicism, and doubt that are inherent in this belief can and does keep people from taking advantage of excellent opportunities.”

The truth is, the PileOn Project bundle I told you about earlier is one such case, although there are a few reasons why some people don’t jump in…

Here are the top few from people who have given us feedback:

1) 59 products would overwhelm me!

Look, no one should buy this bundle and download everything. That would be crazy and you would never get any actual money making activities done.

But you have 60 days in which to decide which products you want and claim them (you then keep them forever).

So take your time, decide which things will really help you and get them.

2) It’s too cheap, there must be a catch?

Not at all.  The vendors whose products you register for are looking to meet new customers and this is how they get to introduce themselves.  The $37.11 is purely to cover costs, pay for affiliates, promotions, etc.

This creates a win-win.

The products you are claiming are full products that genuinely sell for the prices we show on the page.

You get a good deal and you meet a new software producer, service provider or author.

3) It doesn’t have anything for me!

Look again!

We’ve got products with PLR rights, marketers software and tools, training on just about every Internet marketing related thing you could want.  Need to train a VA? Here’s a ton of stuff they can learn from. Do offline work? There’s stuff for you.

And these are not resell rights junk that’s been piled up.

Heck, I even included the top edition of my software builder for windows!

Already got it?  Second license for a VA!

You can book a full SEO audit of your site worth $650 (that is genuinely what Gareth charges – he’s good!)

Need proof reading doing?  There’s $75 worth in here from Paul Carr.

Want to build mobile apps without programming? There’s a full app builder worth $441.

Need graphics?  There’s a couple of massive packs with royalty free rights.

Seriously… Even if you download just one or two things you will be saving big.

4) You got 7 days, what’s the rush?

True… But do you know how many emails I get after any time-limited offer the day after it closes telling me their nan died, or the dog ate the internet box, or they had a power outage…

And every time I have to say “tough, sorry – them is the rules.”

If you put it off you’ll probably forget.

Get it now…

Andy actually gives some of his best tools and products away inside Here

Don’t be an IM Zombie, go watch my video overview click the image above and have a laugh.

Curt Crowley (Tech Guy Who Makes Stuff Simple)

Hey Everyone,

So Yesterday I sent out an email a day early!

Have you ever done that…well I did.

If you have not heard of The Pile On Project yet, well let be the first to say you are in for a great day!

Imagine 40 Product Vendors getting together to bring 59 of their best products to a single offering. Now Imagine that same offer is a savings of over 99.99% for the entire lot!

No I am not kidding, go to the link below before we all change our minds!

This offer is live Only for 7 days, after that it is closed down!

Get The Pile On Project now. You can thank me later!

You can Check out a video of just one of Curts great products HERE

Don’t be an IM Zombie by missing out on this, go watch my video overview and click the image above its gonna tickle ya.

Barry Rogers (Top IM Product Creator Living The Life On A Greek Island)

Real quick email to let you know about a special promotion that is being run by Andy Brocklehurst and Curt Crowley this week…
Imagine if you could grab almost 60 top marketing products – current products being sold for anywhere from $17 to $600 – and grab them all for just 63 cents each!
Now you can.
And, when you see the products that you get, it’s a no brainer
This is like Black Friday come early! 
But you only have one week to get in on it.
Speak soon,
You can check out just how awesome Barry is HERE

It’s great to see you get this far down the page, I appreciate it but please don’t turn into an IM Zombie by missing out on this, go watch my video overview and click the image above. Enjoy

The Low Down

It’s great to see top marketers putting out offers like this that really are quite rare even in the IM space, yet we are bombarded with so much crap these days people are opening their inbox less to offers promising the earth.
I think you will find some golden nuggets in this offering, even if you buy it and only open a couple of the products there.

Until next time, stay focused and enjoy life.




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