A Lesson You’ll Learn If You Continue To Buy Internet Marketing Products

Over the last few days, I have been reading comments all over the internet about how people have been feeling ripped off by vendors (product creators) when they had decided to take down a course that they have charged a good amount of money for. What Kam experienced is slightly different because the course is still in business and still available, But what can you do when the vendor takes the complete program off the net?

Well, not a lot really other than download the course to your hard drive which I guess is a good option.However, the last thing you want is a drive full of courses taking up your storage! I have purchased way more than I would honestly care to mention but I can tell you that some of these courses have cost a lot of money and when I have returned to find that they are no longer available, I feel like I’ve literally been Robbed!

These Shenanigans Have Been Talked About In IMS11.com Too!

But as the rules go in this Secret Society that is full of mega experienced marketers, our motto is ” What goes on in S11, stays in S11″ apart from your newly found knowledge that is 😉

I may have mentioned this before? But to get in it is a by invitation only membership. and no shady dudes or dudesses are allowed in. So by way of a thank you for visiting my blog today, I would like to invite YOU to take a look and join us here at IMS11.com

With that I shall say, Stay focussed, keep momentum and whip procrastinations arse!

Rick Ellwood


Hi, Yes, it's me "Rick Ellwood" the internet marketing guy from Manchester in England UK! This is my all in one website, by that I mean it contains everything from what I blog about, some of which may be complete nonsense at one end of the spectrum, right through to reviewing and offering products and services to fellow internet marketers or business people that may be interested in hiring me at the other end of the spectrum. Stay Focused & Enjoy Life!

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