Why Did I Transfer My Hosting To Godaddy?

It was a decision that I had to take, unfortunately. I had my main blog hosted with INSTY for the last 4 years or so and was very happy with the service and the features that they offered for just under $30 a month. I also have a hosting account with Namecheap that I recently purchased for £3.95 per month that gave me a free domain with unlimited add-on domains and I will explain why I committed to that later. I also have access to another hosting option that I rarely use but it’s there as a backup and that is also very cost effective with Vultr.com, I tend to use that on test sites and it only charges me when I use it, so it’s not a monthly outgoing commitment. So why then did I migrate my site over to Godaddy? The truth be known, I have over 150 domains with Godaddy and I also have a resellers account too whereby I get five WordPress sites with free hosting for five years. I had been thinking about how I could reducing my outgoings recently because I had foolishly taken on too much over the last six months or so. It really was a difficult decision to leave the guys over at Insty because they really are dedicated to the IM niche customers and know their stuff when it comes to having access to easy to use apps and features that an internet marketer would need, if you are looking for a new hosting provider I would send you to them first. In fact, it’s well worth watching this quick overview video here.

Was The Transfer Of My Blog An Easy Thing To Do?

I will be totally honest and say yes it was. Those who know me and my technical skill set ( which is shite by the way), will know that if I can do it, any fool can. Godaddy has come a long way in improving its dashboard and the products and features over the last ten years. I can only complain about a couple of things really but I feel kind of responsible for maybe being misunderstood? When I purchased the reseller hosting, I wanted to be able to build sites and flip them on a regular basis as a business model that I could do on a daily basis. However, I wasn’t totally convinced that I had purchased the correct offer so I called the helpline and got a very nice lady who suggested that I have the plan that I am currently on where I get five WordPress sites hosted free for five years which is a good deal but as a reseller it hasn’t turned out NOT too great and I will explain why.

I Goofed Up On The Type Of Hosting Required For Flipping

The reseller hosting plan I have only allowed me to build WordPress sites on my plan, now you may be thinking that that is not such a bad thing? Well, actually I have access to a number of SAAS tools that enable me to build sites very quickly using the HTTP format and to do this you need access to a Cpanel. I have no access to a Cpanel on the plan that I have, I do, however, have the ability to sell hosting to others on a Cpanel basis which I find rather irritating. I suppose I can charge myself the lowest rate of fees for such a service and when I sell the site I’d just transfer the ownness onto the buyer, but to me, that is a false economy.

Another Lesson Learned And Another Gem I Found That Could Prove To Be Perfect For Website Flipping

Last week I had an email drop into my inbox from IM-REBELS, now this was unusual because I used to have an account with a group of internet marketers who had some fantastic products and they were called the IM-Rebels. They came out with some great WSO’s and eventually notified everyone that they were closing the Rebel courses down and transferring them to another site that slips my memory as I type this but I am sure I canceled the subscription and lost all contact. Anyhoo…I read the email and I was amazed at what was on offer from this guy, it was perfect for building and flipping websites and if you are into building quick sites for offline clients too, then this is well worth a look. What you are offered is a free 30 day trial of the website builder and then $7 per month and you can build as many sites as you want and it includes hosting too! So let’s say you have a domain that you haven’t used yet ( I’ve got bloody loads) and you want to sell that domain OK? What you can do with this is build the website, anything from one page to a full-blown e-commerce store and once saved you will be given a link to send to your prospects which will show them the site. If they like the site or the domain you can upsell them either way! I hope that made sense? If not just ask me to explain a little more. There is no affiliate link for the Rebel Website Builder but I think it’s a great tool that looks easy to use and is an affordable way to build and host websites so why not go check it out at RebelWebsiteBuilder.co Until next time, stay focused and push through procrastination, Rick Ellwood


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