Seventy (70)Tutorial Videos!


Yes you read that correctly, the IPF has 70 jam-packed informative video lessons inside it for less than $10

I think there is over nine hours of training inside this amazing value for money course. Now if you have been in this IM game for any length of time, you will know that 99% of buyers of this product will not go all the way through it, and in fact I hazard at a guess not even 1% will go through half of the content.

Dave Fearon himself the product vendor knows only too well that this is the sad case even though he has put so much effort into it. How frustrating is that!

David crams in so much information into the course but because I want to improve my product creation skills, I continued to watch and learn from one video to the next because his style of teaching expresses experience and you know for a fact that this kid has actually completed this product creation process many times.

He tells you how it is and how to avoid some of the pitfalls he has had to overcome to become a fulltime marketer. Admittedly, I think he knew that the actual product title wasn’t quite in line with what the product actually teaches, but I think anyone who goes through this course as I have done, will agree with me, that it’s likely to be the best $10 that they have invested in 2017 for sure.

Why So Many Videos?


Product creation is something that you really have to master to turn yourself around from being a buyer of products to becoming a creator and seller of products. It’s as clear as day when you see what you spent or invested as I like to say to my other half 😉

If you can push through that barrier of pain and discomfort of avoiding the next great product to hit your email box and follow through with the training that Instant Profit Formula shows you, then I bet you any price you like, you will find yourself looking at this internet marketing thing with a totally new perspective.

I know it feels to feel that feat of accomplishment, even though I didn’t make any money from my first product. In fact, I made a second product but that bombed too. However, I am so glad that I purchased IPF that it has lit another fire inside me that is saying I want to do it again!

So why did this course have so many videos on it?

Well, the Instant Profit Formula is, as far as I’m concerned made up of three courses. David could easily have split it into three and sold them as add-on products and I will now break down how the name could have been used as the final OTO (One Time Offer).

This Is How You Get The Instant Profit Formula


  1. Invest in this product if you haven’t already
  2. Go through the training at least twice.
  3. Create your first product or in my case my 3rd 😉
  4. Follow the steps to create and launch your product
  5. You are  then likely to have Instant Profits
  6. Even if it fails, you will always have the formula and if you never quit move to the final 7th step
  7. Rinse and repeat!

Let’s Do It

Yes, lets JFDI !

Stay focused and enjoy life!




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