Procrastination Is A Bitch!

As some of you may know, I suffer from bouts of procrastination, these stifling periods of just not getting things done have been holding me back from actually putting ideas into action.  No doubt that most people have similar issues with getting things done too. Yet I seem to have had these issues for, well, since I can remember anything at all. This year I have set myself a challenge of getting products with my buy button on them to enable me to reach a second income equal to my current day job salary. Yes, it’s a big arse ask, especially after being at this IM thing for almost ten years with nothing but a couple of websites and earning a few quid now and then from the odd offline customer. So, this week I thought about all those times that I’d started but didn’t follow through with my product ideas. It made me mad to think back at all those domain names that I had purchased and just didn’t do anything with! What was considerably worse was that I had set off to a great start in January 2018, with a product idea I had about the many ways that someone like myself who just loves to buy domain names but never actually does anything with them! I spent a full weekend coming up with the different methods to finally get a return on those domains. I created a slide presentation of each method, I came up with ten methods initially but added another as a bonus. I then recorded a video a few times to explain each method but just wasn’t happy with how it was working out, so I deleted the video’s and put it on ice until I worked out a way to make it work and worthy of a buy button. I already had the name for that product which was “Domain Fast Cash”. To be honest, it was anything but fast putting it all together, it takes time and effort and persistence to see it through to the end. What I decided to do with that product, is to split it up into at least ten separate products. Why would I want to do that you may ask? As I was going over the methods in my first shot at producing a video presentation, I found that I could explain the whole process of each of the methods better individually and actually show proof of the methods being put through the motions. This would prove to the buyer that I have done this myself and that they were plausible ways to make money with as well as getting shut of all those domains that we had on our accounts.  

The Steps I Have Taken This Week

So have I made any headway this week? YES! I have created a 16-page report based on the first method in my Domains Fast Cash course that covers ten methods in total and I’m glad to say that I will be adding at least another one or two more as a bonus 😉 You may be wondering how I managed to get this done with my ongoing battle with the Procrastinator who constantly is chewing at my heels to go off on a tangent? I can say it hasn’t been easy but I made a decision at the start of the week, that I would start my day by writing at least a page a day on my report for a minimum of five working days. I did this Monday through to Thursday and I had my day’s off from work Friday and Saturday. Normally I would call Sunday a working day because that is the first actual working day of my week, albeit a shorter day as I’m at work for 10:00am and finish around 5:00 pm. So I spent some time on the report on Friday and Saturday too. When you think about it, a 16-page report doesn’t sound much of a report, does it? But I can honestly tell you it felt like a lot when I was collating it. I’m not a very fast typist and I didn’t use very large text until the end of the report when I wanted to spell out the method step by step clearly because there will be people who just don’t want to read the thing and get straight to the steps quicker to hit the magic cash button 😉  

Is It Ready To Go Up For Sale?

Yes and No….. I still need to create a resources and bonus page and maybe it needs some graphics in there because it’s all text and I’m conscious that being all text it can look a little boring and I think it could do with filling out a little anyway. The plan is to have it ready to put up on the Warrior Forum by the 1st of March 2018 come what may, so that means that this week I’ll be adding some graphics and pulling together my resources page as well as some bonuses. Either way, I will be going through the process of actually putting this report on the Warrior Forum. I have never done it before and I have hit brick walls many times when it has come to the crunch of actually launching a product. Why? I think that it’s not going to be good enough to put out there let alone have people pay for it! That’s my why. [cc_campaigns id=”1] But I have got to get over this frustrating and procrastinating stage and just launch the thing anyway and let the market decide. If it sells it sells if it dives then I can use it as an added bonus to something in the future. We can only get better and better at something if we continue to put into action and follow through with our goals to become what we want to become. My ultimate goal is to become an internet marketer and product creator full time, ideally, before my retirement age which currently in this country is 67 years old and all being well, I would be 67 in September 2031 which is only 13 years and 7 months away! Being a full-time IM and product creator would be great, but even if I fall short, at least I’d be adding to my pensionable income. I have been at this a decade already and spent (Invested) thousands of pounds sterling into it, that to quit now would be a massive loss in both time and money as well as knowing that I quit because I just hadn’t followed through. Don’t worry though, I’m not quitting and I’m going to master this product creation gig and make some people some money as well as myself! Until my next post, stay focused, push through procrastination and keep on chipping away at your goal. Rick Ellwood  


Hi, Yes, it's me "Rick Ellwood" the internet marketing guy from Manchester in England UK! This is my all in one website, by that I mean it contains everything from what I blog about, some of which may be complete nonsense to some at one end of the spectrum, right through to reviewing and offering products and services to fellow internet marketers at the other end. Having been in the internet marketing space since 2008, I also offer my internet marketing services for business people who have recognized that they must have an online presence to grow and survive in this ever-changing world. I like to finish by saying thanks for dropping by and please get in touch with me if you need any help, I'm here for you. Stay Focused & Enjoy Life! Rick Ellwood

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