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Sun Tan Spray

A niche keyword phrase that is related to such products as suntan lotions and other related beauty products that could become an income replacing website if you can add content and drive traffic to it either by using organic means or by investing as little as $5 to $10 a week in targeted traffic.

Currently, this domain is linking directly to my Amazon Associates account and that required no more work than forwarding the domain to a page that is highly targeted to the type of products that someone searching that term would expect to find.

I have included a video step-through style course of how I have come to invest both time and money into this domain and I show you some of the methods that you could use to make a killing with this opportunity.

How Can I Make Money With SunTanSpray.com

Apart from doing a simple thing like forwarding the domain to an affiliate page or product directly as I mentioned above ( If you type in suntanspray.com it will take you directly to a page I forwarded it to 😉 for example.

Another way would be to create a niche website just like  CarrotSun.co.uk which was on page one of Google in my country for the search term Suntan Spray.

There are many CPA offers relating to sun tanning too, again you could use the forwarding method as I did with Amazon. Remember though this is an easy thing to set up, you will need to invest in some traffic tactics. I actually have another website that is for sale that you can get all the traffic methods you need at no cost other than just watch and learn but then do. That website is called TrafficEveryday.com

Sell It To A Business

If you want to get a quick profit on this domain and you are a little more outgoing, then, why not approach some of the local businesses in your area that offers stand up spray tanning as a service? My guess is that you would get more for your ROI than just relisting it online.

Flip It

At this moment I am only utilizing my own domain portfolio website IMDomainer.com, my Facebook page and Afternic to sell this domain. However, you could invest more time and money into the domain and list it on Flippa.com



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