These are both great domain names that will suite Brett Rutecky fans, if you own either or both of these products by the vendor, then you will know how they work. Having purchased both of them myself I did actually gain some leads and interest in what their function was.

What is InstaFunnel all about?

If you didn’t pick up Instafunnel when it came out then I will share with you the email sent by Brett explaining what it can do:
This was the email the vendor sent out to his list regarding the launch of Instafunnel.If you were able to click that link at the bottom, it will take you to a page that informs you that the offer is closed but you can still buy InstaFunnel through agents and affiliates. That is why my Domain is well worth buying.
Basically, Instafunnel is a list builder for affiliates that like the simplicity of just driving traffic to an offer, they do not have to create a squeeze page or record video or put anything like the work and creativity into it, they just have to send traffic to what is a free offer from Brett and on the backend they are sent emails to more products that you will be approved for once you purchase Instafunnel.

Now You Have Instafunnel Guess What The Free Product Offer You Will Be Driving Traffic To?

If you guessed that it was Jack-Jacker, then you will realize that my offer to sell you of both of my domains is a no-brainer! Want to know more about the Jack-Jacker product? Just click the banner below ( this banner was provided in the Instafunnel product ).
Free product from Brett & Rick, If you don’t believe me click it and see what it says at the bottom of the squeeze page 😉
If you are interested in purchasing the domains you can contact me via FB Messenger or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading this far and remember to stay focused and enjoy life! Rick Ellwood


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