Today’s domain was initially purchased with the intention to do a case study style website, whereby I would force myself to get fit for my summer holiday last year. I had all the good intentions of taking photos of my rather prominent beer belly and in my mind’s eye, I also could see those super six pack abdominals that I would have ready for the beach in Lanzarote in approximately twelve to fourteen weeks time. What a great idea I thought! What I had in mind for this new project was buzzing through my mind like crazy, I knew it would become a successful website because it was in one of the biggest niches online and I’d have no trouble in getting material to help fill in the blank days when time may have taken its toll on me one day?

Everybody Wants To Look Good For Their Holiday

Yes, we do, everybody who books a holiday usually has a goal to look good on the beach and in the evening will want to be showing their best side to any onlookers, it is a fact that we feel so much better in ourselves if we have achieved some kind of health improvement prior to our vacation and we usually end up spending a small fortune buying new clothing that we can wear on our hols too. So this domain/website that I had planned was full of potential, it was in the health and fitness niche which is crammed full of affiliate products that I could sell and so many crossovers it is unbelievable. For example, apart from displaying ads and affiliate links to get fit products, I could show the clothing that I plan to be wearing on holiday, I could have links to Amazon books that I plan to read by the pool and the lotions that my wife and I would be splashing on each other…wow hold up careful steady boy, far too much information.

Unfortunately, I Looked More Like A Killer Whale And Still Do

What I had forgotten in all this moment of excitement, was the fact that both my wife and I had been saying and telling each other every year the same thing. We would say “Right! That’s it! I’m getting fit for the next holiday” and the same thing would happen…..nothing. I did go one step further when I purchased this domain though. I actually made the effort to go to the gym and spend around thirty minutes or so filling out the membership forms. That was the only time that I went and I am ashamed to tell you that I canceled that membership around six months after my holiday, so I paid the bloody fee’s for about nine months without lifting a dumbbell!

Yet This Domain Could Also Be A Killer Of A Website Too

With a great keyword phrase that people are putting into their browsers, is evergreen when it comes to longevity. I am in two minds once again when it comes to the decision to just sell the domain or actually build a site on it? What I may do with it, is use it on one of my ready made niche sites from domain number 10 In the first batch of websites, there is a keep fit themed site ready to use, you can see it here or click the image to check it out below:
Home Fitness Website
A great match for the domain can be found at

Take A Look At What This Domain Has Been Valued At Appraised Value
Personally I think its worth more.
Like I said, I am not sure as to what I am going to do with it but I will decide before the week is out. If you are interested before I have made my decision then, please get in touch or why not give me your thoughts on what you think I should do with this domain? Until next time, stay focused and avoid procrastination. Rick  


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