On The 7th Day, I List A Guru’s Domain

I will talk about the domain in a moment, what I’d like to do is give you a little background on how I came about buying it. Recently, I noticed in my emails a guy who was making a fair amount of money from selling domains on the Warrior Forum. I knew he was behind a crapload of emails that pour into my inbox daily, I would say he and someone he is working alongside with are sending around four emails a day that promotes WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers. One of his emails caught my eye as it literally dropped in my inbox while I was reading another, the subject line that grabbed my attention was:

Hot Domain Name Found – Still Avail on Godaddy ( Read This! )

As I am a sucker for Domains and way’s to sell and use them, I just had to open that email up!

Here Is What The Email Had On The Inside

You can guess what my reaction to this challenge was, can’t you? Yes, I replied and to cut a long story and some really juicy info short, I purchased the domain.

Why Am I Not Telling The Full Story?

There is a reason WHY I am not going to reveal all about how I came to invest in this domain, and that is because I spent a considerable amount of time and effort writing up a report about the whole experience. You will be able to get the full report inside my Domain Fast Cash product that I plan to launch soon 😉


Don’t be disappointed, because, I am going to reveal to you the actual domain that I was tipped off to buy by this successful domainer.

The domain that this guy had discovered as a winner and then sent a private email to me was;


  Valuation of VirusAds.com   In my report, I reveal what the Domain Guru advised to do with it once I’d purchased it. You would think I would follow good advice too, right? Nope, I am not going to follow his instructions because it just doesn’t appeal to me and to be honest I am really just after a quick flip.

Godaddy Also Have A New Valuation Tool In Beta!

Godaddy Valuation Godaddy is really upping their game just recently and I am excited to see some of their tools and web development that they have planned coming soon too. I think Domaining is going to be a lot more fun than it already is and I believe it will become a more lucrative business model.

I Decide To Sell VirusAds.com For A Quick Flip Profit

While I was in the Godaddy Appraisal section, I decided that I would press the Sell button and go for the quick flip profit option 😉 Once you click that button it will ask you for the amount that you would like to sell it for on Godaddy’s Premium Listings? This is a totally free service, however, Godaddy will make a fee on the sale so remember to take that into account when listing it here.
How Much Am I Selling It For?
If you head over to Godaddy and type in the domain search bar “virusads” then Godaddy will show that the .com is available in your countries currency. Below you can see it is in GBP so if you are in the USA it is going to be approximately $197 Premium Listing Virusads.com

An Incentive For The Buyer 

I will email the download link to my Warrior Domain Guru Report once I have received a completed transaction from Godaddy. The report will help you to make a hell of a return on your investment if you take just one of the suggested money making methods by the Warrior Domain Guru. Looking forward to releasing Day 8 later so keep your eyes open for it. I can get a lot more done on a day off from work and today just happens to be one of those days 🙂 Stay focused and punch procrastination in the nose today! Rick Ellwood  


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