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Recently, I have noticed that products being sold on the Warrior Forum have had upsells or OTO’s offering the buyer the chance to sell the exact product they are buying, as their own. This is a great way to make money without having to create a product yourself. The sales video usually does a great job of motivating you to click on the buy button with enthusiasm because it is a great way to recoup your investment and then some. Unfortunately, what the product you have just purchased the resale rights to doesn’t usually disclose to you, is how you would go about it? I got to thinking of the different ways that you could resell these WSO’s as my own and have decided to add these methods to my “Domain Fast Cash” product and I am calling this method “The Reseller ATM”. Because you have taken the time to visit my blog, I am going to reveal a few of these methods to you and there is no buy button for you to pay me either.

How Would You Go About Reselling The WSO Product? 

I purchased a great course not so long ago which reached WSO of the Day, it was called GENESIS. It was a product being promoted by Brendan Mace but the actual course was by a fellow Brit called Kevin Fahey. I knew it was going to be a great product right off the bat if Kevin was involved. I have purchased some of his products previously and also not long after GENESIS was launched, he put out another product called IMFunnels. Anyway, let’s get back to my Reseller ATM method. I purchased the GENESIS Reseller OTO and headed over to Godaddy to search for a good domain that would suit. Obviously, with a name like Genesis, I was struggling to find anything that I would call relative. Now, you may find this hard to believe if you knew my buying habits 🙂 But I didn’t buy one right away, I thought it best to actually go through the course and see if anything popped into my head? After going over the course, I decided that I would purchase the domain“” Which I think works quite well. The first method that I use when I have resell rights to a product like this, is to just Forward the domain via Godaddy’s Domain manager settings.
Domain Forwarding
A simple way to use a domain to send to an affiliate offer
As you can see from the form, all that you have to do is input your affiliate link without the HTTP:// or https:// in the right-hand box and then once your affiliate link is in there, another box will appear to test that your link is working. If You have clicked on the link above and presuming you didn’t buy it? You will have noticed that, as you move your cursor up to close the offer, a pop-up gives you the opportunity to enter your email details and they will send you the first video free!
Offer Pop-up
A way to grab your email.

Beware Of This Tactic If You Are A Reseller!

You may think that this is a great way to have your traffic at least leave their details for you to follow up on right? Wrong! They are not giving you their email address, they are giving the product owner their email address. So, we have to devise another way to avoid such tactics and have those folk who didn’t purchase, give us their email. This next method is a sneaky way of doing just that… But I am afraid that I shall be keeping that and other ways to utilize a reseller product inside Domain Fast Cash that I will be launching soon. Until tomorrow, stay focused and kick procrastination in the goolies 😉 Rick Ellwood PS, If you watch the video on this page, it is programmed to send you to the offer at the end ( I’ll show you how to do that too in Domain Fast Cash).


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