8 Years In My Domain Portfolio Doing Diddly!

Having a background in the home improvement market has had me invest in quite a few domains that relate to such a niche. I knew that if I could create a website around what I knew about, that I would have a good chance of completing it. I have worked for many kitchen and bedroom companies over the years as well as running my own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom showroom for almost six years. This domain was purchased with the intention that I would build a lead gen website that I could work the leads myself and design and supply the furniture myself and contract others to actually install them. I didn’t really want to have any conflict of interest with my day job which was purely kitchens, so, no issues there and the type of furniture that this domain relates too is simple enough to run alongside any day job and is fairly easy to design in most cases.

SlidingBedroomDoors.Com Is Up For Grabs!

If you are following my 100 Domains Challenge under the title of A Domain A Day you will find more information about this and other domains that I am working with on my website IMDomainer.com which is a site dedicated to domaining and my methods of utilizing the domains that I have in my portfolio and what I plan to do with them. SlidingBedroomDoors.Com has been in my portfolio for a number of years and as I have said previously on my blog, I just lost the momentum and it’s just been sat doing nothing since 2010 !!! That’s like 8 years, crap me a time machine that is ridiculous…

I Am Sure I Will Be Revealing More Shocks Over The Next 97 Day’s

The idea is not to sell every domain that I have but if that is something that happens then so be it. The idea is to work with a domain a day and experiment with the ideas that I had at the start or spark of the motion to go and invest in it. I say invest because I want to stay positive about the whole process. However, I also know that I have purchased a number of domains while I may not have been all that sober too. It doesn’t mean that they won’t be suitable to sell, it just will take a little more creative genius from someone who could turn it into a winner? Like I said, keep positive Rick 😉

Why Did I Buy This Domain?

As I mentioned earlier, I knew I could build a website around a subject that I was knowledgeable about and it would make a great lead gen site for a bedroom fitter or supplier, a manufacturer of sliding doors too.
What Stopped You?
Probably, an email from some IM Guru who could show me how to make bank by the next day! I really do not have the answer but I know now that this is a golden opportunity for me to either sell it to someone who can use it to it’s full potential or I get my act together and put a site up and generate some income via selling the leads it could bring in or some income from Adsense etc By giving good advice and creating articles, designs and the like around fitted bedrooms and in particular sliding bedroom doors. Until tomorrow then, stay focused and kick procrastination in the nuts and get today’s work done! Rick Ellwood


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