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Today’s domain name I have put up for sale on my IMDOMAINER.Com website is ConservatoryReRoof.Com

I recently purchased this after I had my better half mention that she was searching online for information about the cost of replacing our polycarbonate conservatory roof. To be honest, it wasn’t the first time she had mentioned it, but it takes a while for it to actually sit between my ears and for it to bubble up to the top of my numb brain.

I’m sure I purchased a domain very similar a few years ago but let it slip away. Well, not this time!

Why Did I Invest My Money In This Domain?

In the UK sunrooms and conservatories have been extremely popular by way of extending a home without the need for planning permission in most cases, as long as they stayed within the guidelines of their local council.

I personally used to design and sell conservatories back in 1992 through to mid-2000 when I eventually concentrated on fitted kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. So I have a good knowledge background about conservatories which I thought would be an advantage should I build a website or lead gen site with this particular domain name.

My Website Idea For ConservatoryReroof.Com

If I were to build a website around this domain, it would have every question that a potential customer would be asking prior to making a decision to move forward and place the order for a solid conservatory roof conversion. Such a site like this can bring in some great revenue from the likes of Adsense, Amazon and maybe a CPA offer or two?

Once this site had regular traffic to it, I am confident that I would very easily have the option to rent space on it to contractors who specialize in this kind of service up and down the country.

Having built up the site where it is generating traffic and what would be better is some income, it could be a site to sell either to a contractor who is paying for ads on the site or put it up for sale on Flippa.

Option 2 Create A Lead Generation Site

This type of work is quite specialist and the amount of money required to invest in such a project isn’t small!

I work in the county of Cheshire in the North of England, and I have heard of people paying anywhere from £6000 to £15000 depending on the size of their existing conservatory. So as you can see, it’s certainly a nice chunk of money for those who get the contract.

Do you think a contractor would pay you per lead or a percentage of the job? My guess is that he/she would be happy to pay you per lead. That figure per lead would be negotiable but for this example, they pay you £35 per lead (Very low in my opinion).

I’m sure the likes of these trade lead sites chare far more than that and they are dishing the leads out to at least another two contractors too.

Obviously, I do not know what kind of profit is in the average contract, but my guess is quite a good one 😉 And let’s face it, people don’t mind paying for it as long as it’s a good job well done.

So, let’s say you were to create a one-page website that had the sole purpose of generating a lead for the contractor to visit and quote for the job.

Hypothetically, let us say with some paid for ads your site generates just one lead a day…yes just one lead a day! That’s 7 leads a week or approximately 30 in a month. Your lead gen site has earned you around a grand, and that’s just this one site!

Admittedly, you will have some Adwords or Bing ads to deduct from that but it’s not going to be a fortune if you do it right.

So Why Haven’t I Put These Ideas In Place?

Excellent question and I can only put it down to procrastination and lack of focus as I move along with the parade with the rest of the so-called internet marketers who just keep buying shit and not sticking to one thing!

This challenge that I have given to myself is what my focus is on now and it will be for the next 98 day’s. It’s already had me take action that I must complete rather than just sit and read emails and jump on Friend face every other hour or two.

I only purchased this domain a few weeks ago and if I don’t sell it then it’s highly likely that I will do either one or the other with it just to prove two things;

  1. It can be done
  2. I can follow through and finish it!

I’m going to head over to my Godaddy account now and pick another domain to put up for sale for tomorrow, so until then,

Stay focused, enjoy today and let’s kick procrastination in the ball’s and finish what we’ve started!

Rick Ellwood



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