What Is The Plan?

I have far too many domains to work with, so my plan is to experiment in lots of different ways to offload them over a period of 100 days. I know I have 155 domains but some of them will make no return on investment and hopefully a few will make more than I am expecting. I feel I have a good mix and I am looking forward to this challenge. The whole process will be recorded on a completely new website that I set up only yesterday called IMDomainer.com

What Is The Reason For A New Website?

I know full well that I could record everything here on my personal blog and I intend to post as much as possible here too. Yet I feel that another website dedicated to the subject of Domaining and how I can share my experiences in that niche would be more beneficial both to the visitors and myself. It’s all a learning curve, this is just another project that I feel I may have a future interest in as I have more domains than the average marketer and have either a habit I need to rid myself of or a love of something I can make another income from? I am confident that this challenge will reveal that question.

Reason Number Two

By experimenting with my domains in ways to make money with them and in finding other methods that they can be utilized, I will have real-life proof of what works and what doesn’t. Creating products with such case studies will also be of benefit and looking on the positive side for the domains that fail to bring in the bacon so to speak, I can include those in the case studies too. Always turn a negative into a positive ūüėČ

What Is The First Domain Up For Grabs?

I thought I would start off with a domain that I personally wasn’t looking for. Yes, you read that correctly, I purchased a domain that was suggested by an expert domain flippa¬†who I later paid to teach me some of his secret methods for making quick bank with domain names. I intend to reveal his secrets in my new website IMDomainer.com in a special members area where I will also reveal my domain case studies too. The first domain that I will work with today is VIRUSADS.COM
 How A Domain Flipping Guru Had Me Buy This Domain
Today I will reveal how a six-figure¬†marketer got me to invest in the domain VIRUSADS.COM in my first free report on my new website IMDomainer.com If you are reading this before I put the link in HERE …please check back because it will be up today and thanks for coming to my blog today. Stay focused and enjoy life today and let’s kick procrastination in the arse! Cheers, Rick Ellwood


Hi, Yes, it's me "Rick Ellwood" the internet marketing guy from Manchester in England UK! This is my all in one website, by that I mean it contains everything from what I blog about, some of which may be complete nonsense to some at one end of the spectrum, right through to reviewing and offering products and services to fellow internet marketers at the other end. Having been in the internet marketing space since 2008, I also offer my internet marketing services for business people who have recognized that they must have an online presence to grow and survive in this ever-changing world. I like to finish by saying thanks for dropping by and please get in touch with me if you need any help, I'm here for you. Stay Focused & Enjoy Life! Rick Ellwood

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