A Superb Tip From A Fellow Society Eleven Member

One of the first things I do in the morning is head over to Facebook and open my notifications to see if there is anything that requires some urgent attention. Thankfully there is never too much to be looking at. As you may know, I am a proud paying member of an exclusive internet marketing group called Society Eleven or what I like to call IMS11. The notification that took my eye was by a member who had posted a link to a Free App Sumo offer, I am actually very familiar with AppSumo because I am a subscriber of theirs too. The offer from them was likely to be in my email inbox too, but I try and stay away from opening emails as long as I can. AppSumo had struck up a deal with Lumen5.com, a company that has developed a software that enables the user to convert their blog post into a video.

Don’t Like Being On Camera? No Problem

If you get embarrassed by being on camera or you avoid being caught on camera better than an alien with invisibility powers, then this tool is for you. All that you will need is access to a blog post and POW that is it! You enter the Url into the dashboard of your Lumen5 and follow the dead simple steps that you have access to that will have you creating quick and easy videos for use with more blog post, or to share on your social sites etc.

Don’t Want To Record Your Voice? No Problem

This software is great for those folk who don’t want to speak or can’t speak too! Every video you create, you will have the option to leave it playing and download it with no sound or you can choose from the Hundreds of background tracks that they have stored in their back office. This is really impressive and if I can use it, any fool can do the same.

Take A Look At The Video I Created First Playing With It This Morning.


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