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Kam Jennings Gets Scammed! Or Did He ?

A Lesson You’ll Learn If You Continue To Buy Internet Marketing Products

Over the last few days, I have been reading comments all over the internet about how people have been feeling ripped off by vendors (product creators) when they had decided to take down a course that they have charged a good amount of money for. What Kam experienced is slightly different because the course is still in business and still available, But what can you do when the vendor takes the complete program off the net?

Well, not a lot really other than download the course to your hard drive which I guess is a good option.However, the last thing you want is a drive full of courses taking up your storage! I have purchased way more than I would honestly care to mention but I can tell you that some of these courses have cost a lot of money and when I have returned to find that they are no longer available, I feel like I’ve literally been Robbed!

These Shenanigans Have Been Talked About In IMS11.com Too!

But as the rules go in this Secret Society that is full of mega experienced marketers, our motto is ” What goes on in S11, stays in S11″ apart from your newly found knowledge that is ;-)

I may have mentioned this before? But to get in it is a by invitation only membership. and no shady dudes or dudesses are allowed in. So by way of a thank you for visiting my blog today, I would like to invite YOU to take a look and join us here at IMS11.com

With that I shall say, Stay focussed, keep momentum and whip procrastinations arse!

Rick Ellwood

by Rick
Rick Ellwood

Getting Focused And Pushing Through To Complete A Report

Procrastination Is A Bitch!

As some of you may know, I suffer from bouts of procrastination, these stifling periods of just not getting things done have been holding me back from actually putting ideas into action.  No doubt that most people have similar issues with getting things done too. Yet I seem to have had these issues for, well, since I can remember anything at all.

This year I have set myself a challenge of getting products with my buy button on them to enable me to reach a second income equal to my current day job salary. Yes, it’s a big arse ask, especially after being at this IM thing for almost ten years with nothing but a couple of websites and earning a few quid now and then from the odd offline customer.

So, this week I thought about all those times that I’d started but didn’t follow through with my product ideas. It made me mad to think back at all those domain names that I had purchased and just didn’t do anything with!

What was considerably worse was that I had set off to a great start in January 2018, with a product idea I had about the many ways that someone like myself who just loves to buy domain names but never actually does anything with them! I spent a full weekend coming up with the different methods to finally get a return on those domains.

I created a slide presentation of each method, I came up with ten methods initially but added another as a bonus. I then recorded a video a few times to explain each method but just wasn’t happy with how it was working out, so I deleted the video’s and put it on ice until I worked out a way to make it work and worthy of a buy button.

I already had the name for that product which was “Domain Fast Cash”. To be honest, it was anything but fast putting it all together, it takes time and effort and persistence to see it through to the end. What I decided to do with that product, is to split it up into at least ten separate products.

Why would I want to do that you may ask? As I was going over the methods in my first shot at producing a video presentation, I found that I could explain the whole process of each of the methods better individually and actually show proof of the methods being put through the motions.

This would prove to the buyer that I have done this myself and that they were plausible ways to make money with as well as getting shut of all those domains that we had on our accounts.


The Steps I Have Taken This Week

So have I made any headway this week? YES!

I have created a 16-page report based on the first method in my Domains Fast Cash course that covers ten methods in total and I’m glad to say that I will be adding at least another one or two more as a bonus ;-)

You may be wondering how I managed to get this done with my ongoing battle with the Procrastinator who constantly is chewing at my heels to go off on a tangent? I can say it hasn’t been easy but I made a decision at the start of the week, that I would start my day by writing at least a page a day on my report for a minimum of five working days.

I did this Monday through to Thursday and I had my day’s off from work Friday and Saturday. Normally I would call Sunday a working day because that is the first actual working day of my week, albeit a shorter day as I’m at work for 10:00am and finish around 5:00 pm. So I spent some time on the report on Friday and Saturday too.

When you think about it, a 16-page report doesn’t sound much of a report, does it? But I can honestly tell you it felt like a lot when I was collating it. I’m not a very fast typist and I didn’t use very large text until the end of the report when I wanted to spell out the method step by step clearly because there will be people who just don’t want to read the thing and get straight to the steps quicker to hit the magic cash button ;-)


Is It Ready To Go Up For Sale?

Yes and No…..

I still need to create a resources and bonus page and maybe it needs some graphics in there because it’s all text and I’m conscious that being all text it can look a little boring and I think it could do with filling out a little anyway. The plan is to have it ready to put up on the Warrior Forum by the 1st of March 2018 come what may, so that means that this week I’ll be adding some graphics and pulling together my resources page as well as some bonuses.

Either way, I will be going through the process of actually putting this report on the Warrior Forum. I have never done it before and I have hit brick walls many times when it has come to the crunch of actually launching a product. Why? I think that it’s not going to be good enough to put out there let alone have people pay for it! That’s my why.

But I have got to get over this frustrating and procrastinating stage and just launch the thing anyway and let the market decide. If it sells it sells if it dives then I can use it as an added bonus to something in the future.

We can only get better and better at something if we continue to put into action and follow through with our goals to become what we want to become. My ultimate goal is to become an internet marketer and product creator full time, ideally, before my retirement age which currently in this country is 67 years old and all being well, I would be 67 in September 2031 which is only 13 years and 7 months away!

Being a full-time IM and product creator would be great, but even if I fall short, at least I’d be adding to my pensionable income. I have been at this a decade already and spent (Invested) thousands of pounds sterling into it, that to quit now would be a massive loss in both time and money as well as knowing that I quit because I just hadn’t followed through. Don’t worry though, I’m not quitting and I’m going to master this product creation gig and make some people some money as well as myself!

Until my next post, stay focused, push through procrastination and keep on chipping away at your goal.

Rick Ellwood


by Rick

The Ultimate Challenge I’ve Set For 2018

My Audacious Goal For 2018

This is my tenth year playing around at this internet marketing thing, ten years for frig’s sake! But I still hold down a fulltime job five days a week because what I make as an internet marketer wouldn’t pay my broadband bill. You never hear anyone who has made a decent regular income within the IM (internet marketing) niche admit that they like their previous day job and maybe that has been holding me back. I do actually like my day job and it pays OK but it could pay more ;-) But it doesn’t stop the boss getting on your case now and then and it doesn’t allow you the freedom to call the shots when it comes to taking holidays when you want them or working when you want to.

I have worked for myself before when I had my own business designing and installing kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, however, you are still at the beck and call of the customers and at the mercy of your installers and to be honest it almost killed me off…for real! But I think being a fulltime internet marketer and especially a product creator, you have more scope to control your work and your life and your income and more importantly your future. That’s why I’m going all out to make this happen this year.

My major goal for 2018 is to replace my income plus give myself a rise of at least £2018 by December 30th,2018. As of writing this post that gives me a little over 11 months or just shy of 350 days. I decided to challenge myself a few days ago when I was watching  a live Facebook video by the guy who got me to changed my mindset early last year, Richie Nolan, You can download a copy of the case study I put together on this blog (it should be on the right entitled “My IM Turnaround Report” all you have to do is sign up to my email list;-) Hey you can always unsubscribe ..right?

Why Set Such A Big Goal?

So why such a big hairy audacious goal? Well, I believe I am talented enough and have invested enough time and money to make this thing work! Evan if I never purchase another MMO product (Make Money Online)ever again, I have all the information, I have the tools and so-called methods to earn a living on the net.

The only thing I haven’t done is focus long enough to really make something work. Now don’t get me wrong I have followed through on a number of products that I believed would produce an income for me, one, in particular, was working with offline clients by way of creating videos for them and getting them raked for their services and creating websites if they hadn’t already got one. My issue became one that I had experienced before in my previous business and that was trying to achieve customer satisfaction. If there is something I hate, it’s very fussy customers who want something for nothing and in a timeframe that is totally unreasonable.

I could go on but I will spare you the sermon, let’s just say I’ve had my fill of demanding and unreasonable customers in my time and I know they are not going to play a part in my future.

So my WHY is based on what I have invested in over the last decade and what I have learned about affiliate marketing and product creation. I am gathering all those products that I have invested in and create my own spin on the ones that have been proven to work, it is time to become a seller and stop being a buyer once and for all.

Switch From A Buyer To A Seller

Talk is cheap and it’s easy for us to say we will change our ways, but if you can switch from being a buyer of IM products to becoming a seller, then it shouldn’t take long for the money to start returning to your Paypal account. Granted it’s going to take a very long time to recoup all of the money that I have invested or thrown away on IM stuff, but if there is one thing I have got on my side now it is the understanding the knowledge that just buying stuff just doesn’t get you the results I’m looking for. What will get me the results? What I’m setting myself up to do is knuckling down on a product after product with my own buy buttons on them on a month by month basis. Ideally, I’d like to get to a stage where I can crank out a product a week but given the time I have to put into this, it’s a tuff call.

Step By Step One Day At A Time…FOCUS

JFDI…Just F#*kin Do It! is the mantra I’ve got to stick to. I will put all post related to this challenge under its own category of JFDI so you can come take a look at how I’m getting along with it. I’m sure there will be the odd incentive in there now and again and I am positive you will get something from the post that I enter here too. I want to get this thing documented because I believe should I achieve any results worth noting its going to surpass anything that I have done online before and my guess is people are going to want to find out how I did it! I know I’d want to buy it.

Remember, stay focused and enjoy life and let’s kick procrastinations arse!

Rick Ellwood

by Rick

So What Happened After I Completed Instant Profit Formula?

I Got Busy Outlining My First WSO

Yes, I actually got motivated enough by Instant Profit Formula (from now on I’m calling IPF) to start on my first WSO!

I’ll be honest though, it’s not the first product that I’ve created because that was my IM Turnaround report that you can download for free from my blog. It’s actually my third attempt at a product, I followed the IM Turnaround report with a product called IM-RAPS.

IM-RAPS was a total failure due to the fact that my actual sales video sound like I’m about to jump off a bridge somewhere and end it all, it was an OK product about the methods used by an IM coach who many IMers know as Richie Nolan. The IM-RAPS abbreviate Internet Marketing Reflect And Project System, I wanted to just get something out there to help others get similar results if not better than I did from this brief encounter with the guy.

If you are really depressed it would be dangerous to send you to the sales video but if you would like a laugh then you could go take a quick look HERE  

Anyways, back to this WSO that I was inspired to get created, I have a habit of purchasing domain names for products that I want to create as well as just buying domains in general because I want to make some return on the small investment. I guess it is actually called Domaining? I wanted to get down on paper so to speak, the reasons and methods in my madness for purchasing so many domain names. I don’t think I’m on my own when it comes down to investing in domains that may have opportunities either for ourselves or to sell on to others?

All About Making Money With Domain Names

I think I spent about a day putting together the outline of the product together and created detailed slides with all the methods that I could think of that would help people sell their domains in different ways. In all, I created ten methods, yes 10 TEN! I could add more but I didn’t want to get too carried away ;-)

I guess you would like to know more? Maybe I should keep it a secret and save it for the launch day?

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that to someone who has taken out time to come visit my blog, NO WAY! OK here is a little taste of what my first WSO is going to reveal ;

The Ten Domain Fast Cash Methods

  1. WSO PIG
  2. WSO Piggy Back

Forgive Me But I Had To Kick My Own Arse Again

One of the rules for creating a product especially if you are new to it is to find ONE problem and show people how to solve that ONE problem. In short ONE problem ONE solution!

I almost let the cat out of the bag for a series of WSO’s that I can release one at a time and test the water so to speak? Once I have gathered some more experience and hopefully, have a few products and sales under my belt, then and only then can I put more than one product out there under one roof. To not follow this golden rule of one problem one solution would be a waste of my time and I would not be helping anyone by putting far too much information in front of my buyer. Why? Because it would be like many products that I have purchased in the past that initially made me feel great, in that I finally found solutions to my problem BUT I never took action on any of them because I was spoilt for choice.

So all I’m asking is that you’ll come back for an update? I’m looking to have this WSO complete and up for grabs by the end of Jan 2018.


Stay focused and enjoy life, push through and kick procrastinations arse!

Rick Ellwood


by Rick
Instant Profit Formula Review

I Completed The Instant Profit Formula Course

Seventy (70)Tutorial Videos!


Yes you read that correctly, the IPF has 70 jam-packed informative video lessons inside it for less than $10

I think there is over nine hours of training inside this amazing value for money course. Now if you have been in this IM game for any length of time, you will know that 99% of buyers of this product will not go all the way through it, and in fact I hazard at a guess not even 1% will go through half of the content.

Dave Fearon himself the product vendor knows only too well that this is the sad case even though he has put so much effort into it. How frustrating is that!

David crams in so much information into the course but because I want to improve my product creation skills, I continued to watch and learn from one video to the next because his style of teaching expresses experience and you know for a fact that this kid has actually completed this product creation process many times.

He tells you how it is and how to avoid some of the pitfalls he has had to overcome to become a fulltime marketer. Admittedly, I think he knew that the actual product title wasn’t quite in line with what the product actually teaches, but I think anyone who goes through this course as I have done, will agree with me, that it’s likely to be the best $10 that they have invested in 2017 for sure.

Why So Many Videos?


Product creation is something that you really have to master to turn yourself around from being a buyer of products to becoming a creator and seller of products. It’s as clear as day when you see what you spent or invested as I like to say to my other half ;-)

If you can push through that barrier of pain and discomfort of avoiding the next great product to hit your email box and follow through with the training that Instant Profit Formula shows you, then I bet you any price you like, you will find yourself looking at this internet marketing thing with a totally new perspective.

I know it feels to feel that feat of accomplishment, even though I didn’t make any money from my first product. In fact, I made a second product but that bombed too. However, I am so glad that I purchased IPF that it has lit another fire inside me that is saying I want to do it again!

So why did this course have so many videos on it?

Well, the Instant Profit Formula is, as far as I’m concerned made up of three courses. David could easily have split it into three and sold them as add-on products and I will now break down how the name could have been used as the final OTO (One Time Offer).

This Is How You Get The Instant Profit Formula


  1. Invest in this product if you haven’t already
  2. Go through the training at least twice.
  3. Create your first product or in my case my 3rd ;-)
  4. Follow the steps to create and launch your product
  5. You are  then likely to have Instant Profits
  6. Even if it fails, you will always have the formula and if you never quit move to the final 7th step
  7. Rinse and repeat!

Let’s Do It

Yes, lets JFDI !

Stay focused and enjoy life!


by Rick