A Message That I never Expected To Hear

Life Changing!

Last week was a week I will never forget,Why you may ask? Well I’m going to tell you anyway 🙂
I am a member of a internet marketers group called Society 11,its a paid membership and is without a doubt the best membership that I have been in within this niche since I started out in May of 2008.

In this group we have internet marketers that are very well known within the industry and we have people who also have just started out too. One of the key subjects in the group is for everyone to help each other out if they feel they have the skills or knowledge to suit.

At the start of every month the administrators ask the group members what goals do they have for the next 30 days or so? However small or large the targets are the group are aware of your goals and you are to mark them with the #hash tag them as #accountability posts.

My April goals were to sell some of my 116 domain names as I failed to sell any the month before however I did resist renewing a few and I was down to 112. No great acheivement I know but it is at least going in the right direction.

What I did though throughout March in my quest to rid myself of these renewing domains,was discover lots of topics and methods of selling or utilizing my dormant domains. This got me to thinking about maybe creating a product around domaining and dare I say it also lead me to buy yet another domain for the yet to be produced product! I just can’t seem to kick the habit….but if you are going to sell a product, you have to have a domain name for it right?

Reflect And Project?

That aside for the moment and back to the internet marketers Society Eleven group, that from now on I’m going to refer to as IMS11.com. A guy by the name of Richie Nolan did a Facebook live within the accountability section asking if any of the group wpuld be up for doing something that he called “Refect and Project”?

Richie went on to explain that he found that doing a reflect and project session with each other, would help keep those members who had put their goals on the group wall accountable and that he would like to ask who would be up for getting together with him on a regular basis to ensure we kept each other accountable to follow through.

I thought that this would be a great idea and even though I had seen Richie before on the odd post within the group and on a Friday evening in what is called the IMPub, I didn’t really know too much about him or what his background was.

Who Was This Guy Richie Nolan?

It turns out that Richie Nolan was a coach to a number of high end internet marketers from all over the world! Crap I thought, what have I let myself in for here? To a certain extent I was hoping he wouldn’t reply to my acceptence post because to be honest it was about the 11th of April when I put myself up there on the willing to do it list. I say list, out of a group of near o two hundred people, I was maybe one of three or four.

The next day Richie Facebook friended me and messaged me to meet him online for a accountability chat. I was kind of nervouse but curiouse in how this was going to work. We agreed on a day and time and Richie sent me a link to go to via messenger. It was around 24 hours away until our meeting and what was rather weird was that I was suddenly inundated with Richie Nolan facebook lives and seeing his internet presence everywhere.

At first I thought it was something cookied into my computer, but it was just one of those things that you experience when you have finally purchased the car you always wanted, you see them bloody everywhere! In truth the guy was and still is a workaholic and doesn’t seem to sleep. I was thinking to myself, wow you’ve got a meeting with this guy tomorrow so you better get your shit together.

Something Big Is Coming

If you have read this far then I want to thank you for taking interest, but what I thought I would do is put together the whole story warts and all in a report and release it as a free giveaway for peep’s like yourself to join up with me and get to know more about each other and what makes us tick. Along with some of the great products that I’m about to launch and by being on my list you will be getting first notifications and some extra special goodies thrown in;-)

Go sign up now and as soon as the report is complete I’ll make sure you get a copy.If you are reading this and that report is not already available, then you will get a copy of Cash Building Strategies until the report is complete.

Have a great day and remember to stay focused,

Rick Ellwood