How Many Domains Have You Done Nothing With?

Recently, I have been making half-hearted efforts to sell my domain names. I actually came up with the notion of creating a product too that would explain all the different methods that I use to sell them. Unfortunately, I only managed to get the first method produced and the overall video of the ten or eleven methods completed. I was all ready to put what I thought was going to be my first WSO out there early last month, you can read my blog post about it here under the title “Getting Focused And Pushing Through To Complete A Report”. Why didn’t I put it up for sale? Well, for one I didn’t think it would appeal to many people and for another reason, I felt that it was lacking something? I know, I know I am too hard on myself and I am one of the worst procrastinators on the planet! So I let it slip and it’s still sitting here on my Drive gathering dust. I just felt that I should get all ten or so methods written up so that I can sell them as a course. Now to answer the question of how many domains have you that are doing nothing but gathering cyber dust? At present, I have a collection of one hundred and fifty-five! I would have put that in figures but typing it out in words didn’t¬†make me feel as bad ūüėČ If you have the habit of buying domains and doing nothing with them and want to see some of them actually make you some ROI ( Return On Investment) then maybe you would like to join me in this challenge and maybe we could make each other accountable too?

Let’s Get Some Momentum And Do Something With These Domains

First of all, we need to commit to the challenge and plan ahead as to what we are going to do on a daily basis with each domain. We can’t just say to ourselves that we are selling a domain a day because it’s highly likely we will fail early on and just give up! Trying to kid ourselves that we can sell a domain in one day is almost ridiculous but I do know a few people who can actually do this without too much effort, but I will tell you about them and how they do it later in the challenge. We have got to be real in our expectations, I mean, let’s face it, these domains have just been sat there on our registers network and we haven’t done diddly¬†shit with them so far…right? I’ve said I wanted to get my domains sold before and made a few steps but didn’t follow through to the finish. I was distracted by yet another BSO or some other project that I wanted to do instead, can you relate?

What Can We Do With These Domain Names?

I think we can do many things with these domains, I mean, we invested in them for a reason, didn’t we? I’m sure you can think back and recollect as to why you purchased that domain and why you just had to have it? I’m guessing if you’re anything like me it will rekindle a feeling in your gut to get that sucker¬†up online in some shape or form to get to work for you! And you are going to enjoy doing it too! We are not going to be doing the same thing with every domain we have because we invested in them for different reasons and if I can relate this to selling cars (which I don’t do by the way), every car has different work required to get it ready for selling. It may need new parts that are essential for it to sell or it may need some restoration work that requires some TLC and a little skill to make it new and appealing again? So it is with your domains, they will need some attention and no doubt some will require more than others for them to get you a good return on your investment and TLC you have given it will I’m sure¬†will pay off.

What Are Your Rewards At The End Of The Challenge?

How good will you feel at the end of this challenge? You have made some sales and you will have taken on tasks that you may have never taken before and who knows, you may have a winning product or website on your hands? I personally think this challenge will open up new doors for me and I’m eager to learn and experience whatever the challenge throws up at me. This is going to be a case of a domain a day case study, it’s going to involve all my experience that I have gathered over the last nine years, well let us say ten years! Yes, it will be ten years come May 2018. Man, it will be great to able to say that I achieved something with my domains and hopefully it will inspire others to just do something similar or at least learn from my mistakes and wins too.
What Is The Worst That Can Happen?
The worst that can happen is that you don’t do anything at all and you either let those domains of yours laps and fall into the hands of others or even worse, that you don’t do anything with them and you renew them! How sad is that….I know how sad that is because I’ve repeated that kind of crap far too many times than I would like to admit!
This Is Going To Be Exciting!
Yes! This is going to be exciting and you are welcome to join me too. I’ll be reporting back here on my blog as well as setting up a new website and video channel too, I believe it’s going to be that important for me personally, I love to buy domains and watching out for ways to make money with them as well as using them in different ways to achieve a targeted outcome. So I think this is going to be more than a challenge for a set period, to be honest, in fact, this could give me the focus required to push through and make real headway to becoming a full-time IMr. So as per usual, stay focused and enjoy life every day and let’s kick the procrastinator’s arse again and again! Until next time…Rick Ellwood


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