90 Day Youtube Challenge With Sean Mize


Internet Guru Sean Mize Gets Back On Camera

I personally have purchased many products by Sean Mize over the years, in fact, I have just taken a quick look at my WSO purchase log and it was way back in December 2013 that I got a hold of 60 Days Coaching Lessons With Sean Mize.
Sean, after producing many tens if not hundreds of products within the Warrior Forum to which is home to thousands of internet marketer’s, took the decision to call it a day and retire from the IM scene.Sean Mize Announces Retirement!

Sean had threatened to leave this money train of his a number of times and to some, it became a standing topic of conversation whenever he announced that he was retiring from IM.I don’t think anyone believed him that last time at the start of 2017. What came as a shock was that Sean was following through with that announcement and that he was looking for a buyer who would take control of his total catalog of products and who also would take care of it’s customers.

I happen to be a customer of the joint venture that took up his offer and I am confident that they will add their skill set to Sean’s material. However, let’s get back to why I am writing this post for you today.

Why? The Rise Of The Mize

Sean has suddenly turned up on Youtube this week and I for one was surprised.Why? Well, if you have been watching my slowly but surely efforts of recording video’s and putting them on my blog as well as some of the social media platforms out there, you will see that I am still in the very early stages of becoming an IM guru!…HA..haha…Yeah right!

I just found it kind of strange that he is doing a 90 Day Challenge using Youtube to attain at least 100k visitors within that timescale!
I find it more than a coincidence that his timing is almost in line with mine, just as I could do with some moral support and I can see already that the support is going to come from not just Sean, but all those who are joining him on this challenge.

That’s what all of this is about really, everyone wants to move forward in their business and everybody needs some kind of help…everyone!

Do you think this is a good way to stay focused?

So today, I have created a new category on my blog called “Stay Focused” and this is something that I use in my signatures and usually whenever I make a comment online or do a blog post. The idea is to show how I am staying on track and what tools and methods I am using to do it.
Why not leave me a message below and make a comment on how you stay focused, I’m sure it will help not only a great procrastinator like myself but lots of others too.

So as I always say, stay focused and I’ll see you tomorrow all being well.